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Now that school is around the corner, I have become obsessed with knee high socks.

As seen

I come by it honest.  With double t-straps, even!  Here I am at 5 yrs, in a dress that my mom had made me (ric-rac!), toe-head white hair, and knee socks. 

By the way, that table-lamp combo piece resides in *my* living room now.


This was right before we moved to Louisiana.  I know this because my mother had just cut off my hair, insisting that it would be too hot and all the Little Girls Of the South would have short hair. 

Our new neighbors mistook me for a boy.

Clearly, she had no idea how popular long luscious girly locks were in the Bayou.

I wouldn't cut my hair again for 5 years.

It was growing out here:


(Age 6 or 7)

Can I ask, what more does a 6 year old girl want than a stage in her living room?  My father decided to build a fireplace in our Baton Rouge home back in 1978, and it started with a solid wood hearth foundation that extended the length of the room for months.  I was sad to see that fireplace actually installed.  If we had one of those in our house now we would totally use it when we played Rock Band.

And let's talk about the paneling.  Or the TV.  Or the awesome chunky table that TV with rabbit ears was sitting upon.  Or the fabulous painting.  Or not.  We can simply adore this snapshot of the late seventies for being just that.  Wow.

Anyway, this is about the socks.  (And that dress.  It was a fave.) And the socks and strappy shoes combo.

I am smitten.

Is it okay for a grown woman to wear them?  Is it possible to wear them and not look too coquettish or like you are trying to look 20 years younger?   Because I really, really love this.

And I know Fidget can and will get away with this look.

Oh, she will.

Do they make knee socks for toddlers, too?  Because Wonderbaby might need a pair.

We can be one giant knee sock loving family.


(PS: You might want to ignore this entire post.  I am pretty heavily medicated as a result of a nasty sinus infection. I'm not making good choices.  Seriously.  I spooned out a quarter cup of mayo thinking it was yogurt.  Ew.)


Sarah :: greenclogs

We are big fans of the knee sock around here.

I've been known to wear striped ones with my green clogs and a denim skirt. And I'm older than you, so I'm pretty sure you can rock the look. Especially since you did so fabulously back in the day.

Feel better, dearie.

chris carleton

Thank you, my friend.  I think you are right.  What I need are clogs.  Excellent!


Alice O.

Be on the lookout for over-the-knee stockings. I bought two pair last fall and became instantly addicted. Warm, wooly, accessory heroin......totally legal.


ADORABLE> Oh my god so cute!


I wear knee socks every single day in the winter. I don't wear short skirts with them, but I certainly do wear them. I like Smartwools a lot. Anyhow, I really HOPE grown women can wear them, because I sure do! lol!


PS: I really, really, really love that green dress.


Yes, I think they would be perfect with clogs...speaking of which, I clicked here after doing a little 'research'.

Dalai Lina

You are a little late, my friend...I had an obsession last year and bought no less than a dozen pair of cable knee high socks for A. I wish my big calves would look as cute in them...


Miss Chris, check out Disney's take on them. Yum! http://www.rufflesandstuff.com/2009/12/tiny-tights-to-knee-high-socks.html

chris carleton

Of course Disney would have a fancy schmancy way with them!  Awesome.  And I was just going through Wonderbabys sock drawer tonight!  Thanks for the link, Shannon!  xo


Cuteness! I'm pretty sure my boys won't be caught dead in a pair of knee socks and t strap shoes.

But I like the look. I'm not into the short skirt thing, but I do have a pair of buckled Docs that would be cute with knee highs... Now I got to wish for some cool weather to wear them...


P.S. Thanks for the quilt love! I love it, too. I think I've taken it everywhere with me in the last week or so. :)


I love knee-socks! They really do look so cute with t-straps, but I like them with saddle oxfords too. When I was little I was always so jealous of my friends at dance school that went to private school and got to wear plaid skirts with knee-socks everyday. My mom even bought me a plaid skirt and knee-socks one year from the mall so that I could have that look. Oh, I thought I was so cool!

Thanks for stopping by my blog and leaving a comment! I have really been enjoying going back and reading your old posts! You have a delightful blog filled with so many pretty and inspirational things!

Ashley Ann

Oh man, you look so rad!

I personally think that it's ok for anyone to wear whatever they want. So you rock those knee socks. You're already a pro!

chris carleton

Thank you, Jennifer!  Thats funny about the
private school thing.  I always felt the same way!  How I wanted one of
those uniforms to wear.  At some point in the mid-eighties, that look
was made popular for the mainstream and I remember getting a cardigan
sweater with a faux crest on it and thought I was IT.  Ha ha!!

Have a superb weekend, dearie! 
xoxo misschris


i wear knee socks and sometimes thigh socks (i have short legs) all the time in portland during the cooler months. with dresses mostly. my hubby loves it ! anthropologie usually has a great selection.

chris carleton

anthropologie has a great selection of everything!  sigh.  thanks for the heads-up, girlie!  xoxo

UK lass in US

Growing up in England, where everyone wore knee high socks and buckled up shoes with their school uniform, I remember celebrating the day that I could get away with shorter socks. Still, that hasn't stopped me from getting some for my daughter's first day at school.


Funny you should mention knee high socks because I'm having a quiet obsession with them myself at present. I just posted some pics on my blog from a French children's wear range of little girls in dresses and knee high socks.
And then I was watching an early episode of Glee last night with my children and wondering if I could pull off Rachel's look of knee high socks, Mary Jane shoes and denim skirt. Somehow I don't think so.
Your photos are wonderul.

chris carleton

Can I just say how tickled I am that *you* stopped by to comment?  Im so flattered.  Your designs are so wonderful.

I do think Rachel has a special look all to her own.  Im not sure Id want to try the preppy-schoolmarminess that she exudes, but I like her confidence.  :) 



ohmygosh! I wore knee socks as a little girl with wool skirts and turtle necks. And, while I was in grade school with my uniform. And, in high school with wool mini skirts and Bass Penny Loafers! And, shhhhh, don't tell anyone, but I put them on my son when he was a little boy, with his wool John Johns! He looked so cute! Classic.


Oh definitely grown women can wear them! Well....I do so I think it's ok! Check out sockdreams.com

They have some really cute ones!


I LOVE this post because I share your adoration for the knee sock:) I'm pretty sure it doesn't get more adorable. Have you seen this tutorial for making them out of little girl tights?


I am just waiting for my little lady to grow up a bit more so we can put this to use!
Happy back to school!

Pat Sieler

I love the comment about the mayo! After a long day, it still had the strength to make me laugh. And the shoes, I love those little red sandals.
I hope you are better.

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