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{ thrifting } destined for the shop

I still have an etsy shop.  I really do.  Still thrift a few times every week.  And I am still amassing a pile of goodies to share. 

part of saturday's thrift haul

This weekend I hit a jackpot of vintage handbags.  And there is no way I can use them all.  I already have a fairly impressive collection of vintage going-out clutches.

  part of saturday's thrift haul

These beauties are just waiting for another night out.

Soon, dearies.  I will list you in my little shop as soon as I can so you can once again be out on the town!  (Apparently I have to squeeze a rather lengthy photo shoot into this week.  I'd hate to disappoint them.)

part of saturday's thrift haul

Sometimes I can't believe my luck.  When I saw this little stack of sparkly coasters sitting, untouched, on the shelf, I couldn't believe my eyes.  They must have just been put out. Tiny jewel-like coasters.  I'm going to have a hard time parting with these.  


That's about all I have today.  My mind is mush as Wonderbaby lost her pacifier in the crib around four this morning and spent so much time looking for it that she decided she might as well just get up.  This didn't bode well for mama, who stayed up late toiling in her studio, gambling on a 7am wake up call.  Oy. 

How about you?  Any fancy luck at the Thrift lately?

Happy Monday!  xoxo
~miss chris



Those coasters are supremely wonderful! What a score!


keep the coasters! :)
i got a boden dress, like new, new, new and an all white, milk glass like, cake stand.

chris carleton

Wow, Sarah!  That is awesome!  You know that what would you do for a Klondike Bar? commericial?

I would cluck like a chicken for a milk glass-esque cake stand.  Or jade-ite ish.  For that I might tap dance in the middle of the street.



i want those coasters!! oh me, oh my!

Sarah :: greenclogs

Those coasters!!!

I got nuthin. Why? Because I don't get to thrift stores. Maybe I'll try and hit a couple of them in LA while I'm here.

But I did get $1 per yard fabric.


At my last trip I found some hand embroidered goodies -- a tablecloth, a gingham apron and some napkins!

I also would tap dance in the street for a milk glass cake stand!!!


I found some pretty vintage etched glass water glasses and almost matching champagne glasses! Thrilled!

chris carleton

True story:

One of my girlfriends had put those coasters down earlier in the day when she received a phone call and had to rush home.  I didn't find that out until after she saw my blog post!  Needless to say, the jeweled beauties are headed to their rightful owner.  I'm so glad I'll still get to visit them.  :)


chris carleton

@ nikko:  We could do a routine!  Maybe wed even earn a glass dome.  :)  xo

chris carleton

@ mary:  I would be too!  I never find good champagne glasses! 

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