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{ sewing } mini boden challenge: party skirt

We're plugging along here at the Fence, chipping away at the Mini Boden Challenge tear-out stack that is taunting me from the corner of my studio.

boden challenge 2: bubble skirt

Is it ever so fun.   And some of you have joined in!  Woohoo!

I went ahead and set up a flickr group, so we can all post our knock-offs and pat each other on the back and talk about how clever we are, over coffee.  Won't it be exciting to see how productive we've been? 


Today's inspiration was regretfully left out of the initial post.  It is a "bubble/balloon" skirt with a fun print that could easily get dressed up or down.  I didn't use a yoga-style knit waist like boden did, and I think that it would be a nice way to relieve some bulk at the top.  However, I did some pleating before running my elastic casing through the waist, so it isn't nearly as bulky as it could have been.

boden challenge 2: bubble skirt

I think this would drape and swish better if done in a rayon or washable silky blend.  I do have some of that, so we might just have another go-round.  This was pretty quick, once I had my head around the logistics of it!

boden challenge 2: bubble skirt

[ Fabric: Caitlin Blooms in Spice from Alexander Henry.]

There is a little removable rosette for the front for some texture.  It matches the quick hair bows I made for the pony tails.  After our little photo shoot, Fidget told me she "just loves looking beautiful.  Like this, mommy.  I love it when I get to dress up in pretty clothes you make for me."

Well then.  Okay.  How could I ever resist that? 

Moreover, Why would I want to?!

Happy Weekending, peeps!  xoxo
~miss chris


Sarah :: greenclogs

Seriously? That is so very cute. I'm loving the fabric (and want to know where it came from). I can't wait until Kit is big enough for bubble skirts. And did you use a pattern or do you magically know how to make a bubble skirt? And why do I keep trying to type "buggle skirt" instead?

Oh, and the boots. Love.


ADORABLE! Don't you love kiddos that love to wear mommy's creations?

Thanks for setting up the flickr group! Can't wait to see everyone's creations!


OH! And I forgot to say Harriet the Spy is solely responsible for hours of me spying on my neighbors as a kid. Great book, and adorable photo. :)


So adorable!!! I love the print! Your little girl is precious! She has beautiful blue eyes!


Very very cute. And how do you ever get your daughter to pose like that?!


I love the photos of Little Miss there! She's cheeky enough to get away with this type of modelling. And the skirt is beautiful too : )

Dalai Lina

Stop, you are too good! What mom has time to sew AND blog? That is so darn cute.


SO cute- and that fabric is so cute- could tell me the name of that/where you got it. thank you!


So cute! I like your fabric choice more than the original!

chris carleton

Sure!  I got the fabric at Sewmamasew: it is Caitlin Blooms by Alexander Henry.

I only used about 1/2 yard.

Happy weekending!


That turned out so great - can't wait to see what you copy next! Have you ever looked at CrewCuts on J Crew?? Cute stuff there too...


such cute photos and a great skirt!

Pat Sieler

You have justified my faith in you. The outfits are just as cute as Mini-Boden and better because they were made with love. Your girls are beautiful.

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