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{ sewing } mini boden challenge: party skirt

{ sewing } boden challenge dress 1

Isn't it funny to hear how many of us look through the mini Boden catalog for inspiration?!


Since announcing my obsession with the catalog on Sunday, I have completed my first attempt. 

Don't be too impressed,though.  It wasn't much of a challenge because I am a Butterick Sew Easy B5119  veteran and have made this enough times to know exactly how to modify it to get what I wanted. 
My biggest complaint with that original pattern is that the recommended allowance for neckline elastic is crazy long.  I almost cut mine down by a half. 

Anyway, take a gander at the inspiration photo:


And the B5119/ 1 hour result:


A fair comparison, in my book.  :) 


  • Fine Whale Corduroy from Joann's, marked down 50%.  I used about a yard.
  • Butterick, Sew-Easy, B5119 (it's a nightgown pattern)
  • Omitted ruffles
  • shortened sleeve length to the gather line + turned fabric for casing and elastic.
  • length is approx between the A and B views.
  • I always mark the back with some ribbon.  This one is easy to get turned around while dressing a squirmer!
  • That is my old jewelry box.  When I was 5, I wrote my name on the bottom.  The ballerina still works.  I love this photo of Rachel's.

OK.  That's it.  On to my next challenge.

I'm curious.  How many of you are doing this same thing?  From the sound of the comments for my last post, there are quite a few.  I'd love to start a mini Boden rip-off flickr group.  :)  hee.


Sarah :: greenclogs

I am. I even bought knits and will be attempting the cute tshirts. Let's not talk about how big a Fail this could be.

chris carleton

We really shouldnt let knits own us.  Its not fair.  Bring it, momma!

I copied a knit skirt from my closet two weeks ago.  It worked like a charm.  One thing that helps is making friends with all of the specialty stitches on the machine.  They, like, really work.  Who knew?  xo


Very cute! I love your choice of a button! It will look so precious on your baby with tights!


Just call me selfish, but I want to rip off the mama Boden. My catalog arrived yesterday and I want my whole wardrobe to look like that.


L-O-V-E it! xo

chris carleton


I havent gotten mine yet.  I totally want to do that, too.


I always plan to do this but never get around to it. You should totally get the tights, though. So cute!!!!


That is the cutest little blue dress ever! I want one in *my* size! with patch pockets!


1. That turned out fabulous!
2. Love the flickr group idea! I'm in!
3. I'm with Beki - my mama boden book came yesterday. I drooled. And my credit card cried.
4. There are knee patch trousers in my future tonight!


You never fail to amaze!!!


Very cute! How inspiring! This is such a cute dress for Fall!


Oh yeah, I totally crib off Mini Boden. Here's my version of their gingham tunic :


Let's try that link again... http://icewerks.blogspot.com/2010/08/gingham-girl.html


really cute!


That turned out so great - and what a cute pattern. I hope I can find time this weekend to get to the fabric store... and I've been obsessing about that oliver & s jacket. I must, MUST make that!

Amy L

I love Boden, drool over the women's clothes and have yet to make anything similar. It's a cute dress and almost makes me want to sew for my daughter but I'm selfish with my limited sewing time.


Okay, extra inspired! Now I'll have to break out my fabric and get to work!


Thanks to you, I've been a woman obsessed all week! I'm determined to move on from skirts (the only garment I generally sew, aside from pj pants.) Love your first result, there!!


You sure do make pretty things! Your blog is so gorgeous. I'm going to get a cuppa so I can spend a bit more time... Nice to 'meet' you! x


Here is my first mini boden knock off attempt:

Actually, this was my second attempt. Attempt 1 was a fail, but we don't need to talk about that, do we? :)

Dalai Lina

I am not doing the same thing. I will be happy to purchase any awesome Boden knock offs :)


Looks great! I love that pattern. After seeing you use it on Fidget, I bought it and have used it a lot - but never with corduroy. I Just night have to give it a try...


OK, I caved and spent $3.95 on the pattern on ebay since it's discontinued and another $2.95 in shipping all because I want to make that dress for my little girl! So inspiring -- adorable!

UK lass in US

Ah, I really like the way that style looks in corduroy.


just lovely!!!

I had to order a catalog of my own :-)
I made my first dress this evening (took a lot longer than 1 hour, though!!)

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