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The mini Boden catalog arrived a few weeks ago.


I love her hair.  And that gappy smile.  She is adorable.

I also love, love, love their clothes. I keep coming back to the Funky Duffle Coat, in particular.


Geez-o-pete. $88 for a jacket for a jacket that will only fit for 6 months?  It's not even a super dressy coat. Or down filled. However, those Boden people know how to make things irresistible and I do love the juicy color combos.

And I keep thinking I can make one. Or two. Like with the School Days Coat by Oliver + S. 

Am I crazy?  I certainly do not have so much time on my hands that this seems necessary, but my mind is spinning with the idea of coordinating little girl jackets for the girls.  Obsessing about it may be as far as I get.  Maybe. I love the finishing details of an Oliver + S pattern.  It's tempting.  I already have some gorgeous heather grey wool that I got thrifting this summer for $1.50  I know, crazy, right? 


What about these little dresses?  Is it just me or could this Simplicity pattern 2484 result in a similar pinafore w/edgy zipper combo?  I certainly think so.


Let's also talk about this fine whale corduroy dress: 


Does it not look eerily similar my favorite Butterick 5119?? It might be first on my list for Wonderbaby.  Yes, I'm pretty sure it is.

Moving on.


These apple applique skirts are just plain cute.  And easy.  Why not buy a $10 skirt at the store ( cheaper if you can find one at the Thrift), remove the pockets and add some smashing appliques to the backside?  Why. Not?? 


I love this one as well, and I think it is because of the similarity to the B5119 pattern.  It is simple and versatile and I'm pretty sure you could make it for less than $48.


The dress here -- view A -- in this Simplicity 2321 pattern would make a cute dress.  I'd probably mess with the sleeves a bit, but it looks pretty straightforward as well.  Add leggings and some boots and I think we have a winner.

Any patterns you all are looking at for the fall?  Please share!!



I was thinking the very same as I drooled, I mean perused through the pages of the catalog. I'm still waiting for MY catalog to show up so I can drool, I mean peruse through clothes for me....and then turn around and make for a steal....

Sarah :: greenclogs

You aren't crazy - I had the same thought. I have a pattern that is exactly that peasant dress, and one for the little top too. I'll dig them out and send you the pattern numbers. I've made them numerous times for Annika, and she's due for some new ones. So those are on my list. I'm also tracing patterns like mad from my one baby sized Japanese pattern book.

I also bought this pattern and am waiting for it to arrive. You have to imagine it without all the geegaws. http://www.sewmamasew.com/store/ecom-prodshow/PTLTABDT.html

I'm having a tracing/cutting day today. Hope you're doing the same!


I can't wait for a follow up post that shows some new goodies! I love that coat, post about it as soon as you complete them, if you do. I think the best crafter/sewers have a little crazy in them. How else do you try new things?


of course you can! on every single one!


Oh I love Boden! But yes they are VERY pricey. Good Luck with all your projects. We want to see pictures of what you make. :)


Our Hobby Lobby just had a 99cent sale on ALL- I mean ALL McCall's patterns! It's not in our town (nothing is) so a friend and I went up Friday and went crraaaazzy! It's great to have a friend to go "sewing shopping" with. I'm making a similar peasant-y dress/shirt pattern for my daughter. I also got a ton of stretch knit for leggings and coordinating appliqued shitrs. (Ever seen Kelly's Kids? Wayyy too expensive and very easily made!)I always love to see what you are making! Thank you! Aimee


I love the mini boden catalog too! I keep telling myself that I should make some of the clothes in there for my kids, I need to just do it!


You will save money and end up with a one of kind outfit for your child. Wonderful!


All the clothes are cute, but your little girls would look so so sweet in tiny matching duffle coats!


I love Boden! I have never ordered from them before since they are pricey, but I like to file away old magazines from designers I like (and usually can't afford) and look at them later for inspiration. I don't get Boden, but I think I will hop over and sign up for their mailings!

I don't think you are crazy at all! All of those dresses are very easy with the exception of the coats...but if you put your mind to it, I think you could turn out 3 matching coats and they would be so special since you made them!

Pat Sieler

Love the patterns you showed. They look easy and with your skill, you could knock it out in a day. With the added benefit that your girls will remember that Mom made their clothes for them.


I think the same way...the problem is finding time to actually make stuff (between feedings, and diapers, and cleaning up whatever mischief has been managed....)


stop please. you are making me want another little girl. my big old teens won't wear cute stuff like that anymore!


This is so funny... I opened up the Mini Boden catalog and saw a girl's skirt for $58 and then threw it in the trash! Maybe I should've paid attention for inspiration, like you!

Rhoda @ Southern Hospitality

HI, Miss Chris, thanks for stopping by & leaving a note! So nice to see you again. Yes, it's me. I can't believe it's been so long ago that GI was started. Some of that group are still together, but I just don't have time for both & blogging takes up a ton of time for me. I do enjoy it though. Hope you'll come back & see me again!


I think the exact same thing everytime I get a Mini Boden cataloge! I even save them for inspiration. (uh, just don't ask if I've actually made anything yet)


Ha! Apparently there are lots of us that think we can do Boden! :) I am working form the boy's side of the catalog. Your post inspired me to document my adventures into trying recreate the Boden cuteness.


I too was drawn to the Funky Duffle coat when my Boden catalog came in. I purchased the Oliver + S coat pattern after I saw that coat!!! I haven't made it yet... sometimes I bite off more than I can chew.

chris carleton


I have to be honest.  As much as I loved the funky duffle, I already had the Wanderings Coat pattern from Sugar City (purchased 2 years ago) and went forward with that.  I may still have to buy the O+S pattern, but I thought this one looked a little more, say, forgiving, for a first-time coat maker!!

I also had a hard time finding wool that was cheery and bright.  I ended up with a beautiful peacock blue.  Well see though.  :)  I hoping to do it justice.

Good luck for you!!!

UK lass in US

I hadn't heard of Mini Boden before - their clothes are cute. The dress reminds me of the one that I made for my daughter at the start of the summer. She didn't get cool zipper pockets on hers, mind.

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