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Craft-Hope-cover Perhaps you have already heard all about this Craft Hope excitement...

About Jade, who had this Crazy Idea that people who like to make things might enjoy using that talent to help others. And about how it all started with 27 pillowcase dresses for an orphanage in Mexico. 

About how the publishers at Lark Crafts stumbled upon her efforts and approached her about writing a book.  And how it features 32 projects that have been paired up with deserving charities from around the world.

About how it has hit stores in the last couple weeks and is FLYING off the shelves.  (Even though today is the official release day!)

CYL_hope If you haven't, or you are interested in knowing just a little bit more about the Craft Hope Book and organization, head over to the the Lark Crafts website, where they are hosting a Month of Hope.  Right now it features an interview with sweet and funny and inspired Jade.  I dare you not to love her after reading it. :)  


Okay, here's the hard part. It just seems like shameless self-promotion, but I have to share because I am honored to be included in an amazing list of crafters and bloggers featured in this book.  Really, if you had told me a year ago that some simple pillowcase project of mine would be included in a book with these talented people I would have two words for you: Shut Up.

But it is in there, all the same.  As soon as I heard it had hit Barnes and Noble I had to see for myself. It was on the shelf already.

Photo 1 

And there I was, not two seconds later, posing with my first published book submission ever, accompanied by several confused onlookers, my girlfriend, daughter, and her best friend -- who was the only reason we have a photo at all because she had her iPhone handy.


I bought one and sent it to my mom, who introduced me to the whole sewing thing over 30 years ago. 

The kind people at Lark have donated a book for a blog giveaway this August. I've never done one before, so I'll save that for another post when I have my act together.  Stay tuned.

Anyway, Happy Craft Hope Book Release Day!  And Congratulations to my dear friend, Jade.  You Rock!

miss chris



Congratulations Chris! Delighted to have a copy of the Craft Hope Book... it's wonderful. Now all I need is your autograph to make it perfect!

UK lass in US

Self-promote away - it's an amazing feeling to go in a bookstore and find something that you have done in print. To know that your project has been used for a good cause must be wonderful.


How amazing for you! I just discovered your blog...I'm studying Graphic Design right now at the Minneapolis College of Art and Design. I find your work very inspiring! Cheers!

Sarah :: greenclogs

yay!! :)


very cool! congrats :D

Helen Coel

Chris, you're an inspiration. You go, girl.


That's awesome! Congratulations! If I published books, I would have you do a whole book of your projects (cause I think they are really cool!).

pretty momma

wow yellowbelle...that is AMAZING!!!and i can't believe you didn't spill all last night! so proud of you...you never cease to inspire and amaze me...xoxo

Pat Sieler

Congratulations and how wonderful to be included in such a lovely project. May the book hit number one.


Hooray for you! Hooray for Craft Hope! What exciting times these are :-)


Hi Chris, I saw your submission to the book and it is soo pretty!! It is nice to 'meet' others associated with the book. Congrats to you and your family. I giggled when I read the part about the book store. My whole clan drove 1.5 hours to the nearest B&N to snag the book and I never thought to take a picture til I got in the car... I did however tell everyone.. the cashier, lady standing in line...that *point to picture* was me.... That copy was sent to my mother as well....who promptly shared it with everyone in the post office =) Just favorited your Etsy Shop too... Can't wait to see more of your creations!

Ellie - Petalplum

How exciting!!!!

I've got a project in this wonderful book, too. (though I live in Australia, and haven't yet received or seen the book. Perhaps I should get to my local book shop and see if they have it).

I'm so honoured to be included amongst all you amazing, talented women. And in such a terribly importantly terrific and worthwhile book.

Yah to Jade!


Really, really cool! You have every right to be proud and excited!



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