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I'm pretty sure my blog is ready to break up with me.

This prolonged absence has been unavoidable but it is still ridiculous.4722504254_4291304798_z

I have been driving around my town in circles for the past four weeks. Summer school. Camp. Preschool. Doctors appointments. The grocery store. That's it. Nothing exciting. Certainly not post-worthy!

(Aren't the bubbles nice, though???)

However, next week brings the dawn of...



Which means, of course, that haphazard naps in the car will give way to synchronized at-home naps where mom gets productive. It means we will no longer be tethered to the local high school for drop offs and pickups and outings that last no longer than 60 minutes.

It means things around here have a decent chance of getting back to normal.

Whatever that was.

Oh, peeps. I have some fun things to talk about and share and make and do! It's just not the same around here when 'around here' is the car.  You could say I've gotten used to that new fangled machinery.

Or I have simply learned to disable all of it and drive in peace.  :)





so nice to see you! we need to catch up :)


Welcome back busy bee!

Erika Sews-it-all

Alright! Can't wait to read about what you are making/doing/sharing!


So glad you've made your peace with your car. :o)

Can't wait to see what you've been up to!


those bubbles are lovely

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