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I am up to my eyeballs in a teen bedroom makeover...what a before and after should I have to share!

i have a weakness

But before that...  I did manage to pop in to a local thrift store this morning and score some fun fun fun luggage.  The three red ones were nested together with one price tag -- a ridiculous bargain at $3.  The blue one has the most gorgeous pale aqua lining.

today's haul.

The teen has her eye on these babies for her upcoming trip to Florida.  I love that she can appreciate how fun these are as well and isn't rolling her eyes at my haul.

Houston, we have a problem.

She IS rolling her eyes at me for locking the blue one by mistake. 

We are at 500. 

Anyone have a tip for figuring out the combo faster than trying each number 0-999??  We are all ears.

Now if you will excuse me, I have to get back to this:




miss chris



OH those suitcases are fabulous!
I look forward to seeing your redo. :) Good luck!

Sarah :: greenclogs

woman. you are killing me here.

Oh, and I'm redoing 3 bedrooms and a family room all at once. Somehow one redo rolled into an avalanche of room reshuffling. Slap me upside the head, will you?


I covet those red suitcases! $3!!!! I want your thrift store!


I have that same blue one! alas, I don't know any tricks for unlocking them.


Looks like fun - I love those colors together!


wow, awesome haul!


Wow - fabulous suitcases! (good luck with that combination!)


I can't believe you did the same thing as me! I bought a fabulous red vintage case from the tip shop and couldn't get it open when I got home. In the end I employed a screw driver and forced it...no damage to the case what so ever. I just need to remember not to close it again! Good luck with yours.


Thrift score! I've done the same thing with a couple of locked suitcases. My best advice to to go through all of the "date" numbers first (129 = Jan. 29)...and then on to the 000 - 999 if you have to.


Love the suitcases! Good luck with the combo.


Can you listen to a "click" as you roll each one? Not sure if that works or if it is an myth.

Regardless...you ONLY have 1000 different possibilities! lol


oh my gosh! those suitcases are so fun!!! lucky girl!!


Oh my gosh I LOVE those red suitcases... jealous!!!
Can't wait to see how the room turns out. :)



those suitcases are amazing! the inspiration wheels are turning and I'm quite sure my mind just might explode...but, alas, I shall keep this idea on the back burner. my oldest will be 13 soon, wants a less "girly" room with her sister. pepto pink is on the walls now, might have to change the color scheme for you fabulous suitcase idea....


Uh-oh - I can imagine the horror of realizing what you'd done. And my advice on cracking it? Try 999 first, so it doesn't end up opening on the last combo you try.


Cute suitcases. Bummer about locking it. Perhaps try 123 or I agree with 999. Maybe a locksmith could lend a hand...

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