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Sometimes you just need something sweet.

Sometimes you just want to treat the kiddos with something little and special.

Sometimes it could just be about the pretty.

natasha's mulberry and motts

It could be all of the above.

With friends to boot.

The little girls and I joined Stacy (mamasdoodles) and her kiddos last week for a little park picnic and playground romping.  Stacy and I met two and a half years ago, connecting through blogland.  They are moving to Denver soon and we will miss them so very much!

I am selfishly hoping it takes a long time to sell their house.  

Sad, but true. 

still feasting my eyes.

Anyway, we surprised the littles with a trip to a local pastry shop.  It's got all sorts of special treats.  But really, it is So. Much. More.

Natasha's Mulberry & Mott, in Leawood, KS, is a perfect of example of how the smallest details can transform a place from run-of-the-mill to extraordinary. 

Where do you think this shop is?

How old is the building?

What does it feel like in there?  Do the floors creak?

even the ceiling looks like it tastes good.

Surprise!  It is located in a very new upscale shopping plaza.  What they have done with trim and paint and ceiling tiles and the finished cement floor create such a memorable experience.  It's quaint.  It's pretty and delicate.  It makes you oooh and aaaah and point and giggle and stare and take pictures. 


I think it could be impossible to walk in and be anything but happy and relaxed and delighted. 

we could call this 'Before'

But if you do take four little kids and they are drinking from filled-to-the-brim cups of milk, it is possible to leave a little ... embarrassed. 

And, this would be 'After'

Ha!  The shopkeepers were very sweet.  It happens all the time, they said.  I'm sure.    

Oh well!  We came.  We ate sweet treats.

We wrestled.


What more could you want?


miss chris

ps:  Stacy, we are going to miss you guys and our fun outings.  Best of luck with the home search and sale and all the rest.  Denver is so very lucky.



it's a little early to be near tears. Thanks much for that my friend. :) It kind of just "hit" me..we're really doing this Denver thing, aren't we? We'll miss you terribly. Our time together both in blogland and Kansas has been special. Hugs, x's & o's...


What a lovely place!


I would live there if I could, so enchanting!

Aunt Fashionista

I want to go there!!!!


That is the most beautiful shop ever! Fun times for your kiddos...


What a fun afternoon!! I love it.


So, so pretty! But there's probably no way I would ever take my boys there. LOL.

It's so hard to see good friends move away. ((Hugs))

Pat Sieler

That "sweet shop" is wonderful. How could you decide without promising yourself that you had to come back another time to get "that other delight"? Wow!!

chris carleton

Funny you should say that, Pat....I went back on Saturday with my best friend and our big-girl daughters!  It was a much more relaxed visit.  And we took waaaay too much home. 

miss chris

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