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My husband and four year old are bacon eating MACHINES. As in we go to IHOP and Fidget eats a plate of bacon and everyone's extra bacon, too. And an order of sausage. Tiny thing has a huge appetite for breakfast meats.

Hubs thinks everything is better with bacon.  If he ever has a suggestion for a dish, it is usually around the likes of "You know what would taste good in this?  Bacon. And mushrooms."  But mostly bacon.

(Nevermind that the eldest is a vegetarian, there is enough bacon consumed in this house to justify buying in bulk.)

So imagine my delight whilst waiting in the checkout line the other day, when this was staring at me straight in the face:


Yes, my friends.


It was a present, I tell you. 


It is probably a good thing we are having record heat and humidity around these parts this week.  Momma needs some time to plan her bacon dish strategies. 

Anyone hungry?



I can smell it from here - mmmmm.


I bought the same issue last week ;-)

Aunt Fashionista

Oh boy! I'm sure Mr. Benson would love to indulge in a few (if not all) of those bacon wrapped treats!

The Prudent Homemaker

They bacon ice cream. Really.


I'll say that I had a smoked bacon flavored chocolate once and it was... disturbing. I took a bite and thought, "Mmm! Chocolate!" Then, a second later, "Is that bacon? Oh, God!" But, not in a good way.


When I saw this yesterday in the check out line, I thought of you! LOL!


Check out the famous bacon donut here:

Michael Simon on Food Network is also a huge pork fanatic and has this recipe for chocolate covered bacon:


Wesley is the exact same way. He eats his plate of bacon, plus some of ours when we go to Waffle House and then asks for more. Too funny!

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