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I wasn't going to blog about it.  Not yet, anyway.  I am really very excited but I keep thinking some sort of last minute hiccup or wrench or other malarkey will get in the way of it happening. 

But what the heck. I was never any good at surprises.


You see, in September, I am going to meet up with my dear friend, Jade, in Seattle and spend four days with eight other crafters at a Dottie Angel workshop hosted by Tif Fussell herself.  In a historic mansion.  Sewing.  And visiting.  Ohhing and Aahing over each other's vintage goodies.  Staying up late and making big, big plans.  And crocheting (although we'll see how THAT goes.  I do have a history there.). 

We're packing up our sewing machines, some doilies, ric-rac, scissors and a variety of vintage fabrics and notions, a slip and a stool (the supply list said so), and we are going to schlep all of this stuff through airports and taxis like gypsies until we arrive at the Shuey House and collapse in a heap of eclectic craft supplies.

And I cannot wait.

Doesn't it sound fantastic?  Doesn't it?  Lucky for you, there are still two spots left...

[ Organized by Angela Ritchie's ACE Camps.  Photos from the registration web page.]


UPDATE!  My dear friend, Beki, has taken one of those last spots!  Yipppeeee!



Oh! My!
You will have THE BEST TIME!!!

Angela Ritchie

Thank you soooo much for spreading the word Chris. Can't wait to meet you and Jade. It's going to be tons of fun - remember your clogs for the photoshoot!

Dana Willard

oh my! how much fun. Totally jealous. Wish I could join you ladies!


well, you know i hit "submit"...now i'm waiting to find out if it went through...i can't even allow myself to think of the awesomeness yet


oh yes! angela is quite right indeed, clogs are a must, i am now picturing you hauling all your vintage goodness through the airport with clogs upon your feet... perfect footwear for getting into the 'dottie angel' mood :)

i'm positively beaming to know there will be so many wonderful dearies like yourself coming together for one weekend of dottie angel...

thank you for making me smile :)


omg. this is on my wish list....seriously considering it. that would be sooo fun!

mary-The Calico Cottage

Gasp! That sounds like a great time. Can't wait to hear all about it.


Exciting! And Seattle, no doubt, is a beautiful backdrop for just about anything. In the picture on the left in your post, what are you holding? It looks beautiful!

miss chris

LJo -- Thank you! But that isn't me... It's Tif, and she's holding some gorgeous crochet work. Isn't it lovely?


what a trip! she's great!
have a wonderful, inspirational, awesome good time!

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