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{ excuses, excuses }

{ celebrate } ACE is one!

It really has been a year since I had this little monkey.  


Yes, time flies.  It's driving me crazy!  I am not ready to let her grow up yet. 

However, the family kept asking about a party.

And the calendar doesn't lie.

And so.  My baby.  My littlest girl.  Turned one.  And we threw her a party. *sniff*

happy birthday, ace

We had a nice little shindig with immediate family who came to town, balloons, cake, hamburgers, chips and Jones Soda.  Apparently, you can have your own bottle labels made, which is very cool.

re-labeled jones soda bottles

We went the old school route and soaked off the labels and replaced them with simple ones that matched our table.

water bottles

And added some tags to water bottles.  Her classic monogram is aCe, something I could not help but use over.  And over.  And over again.

happy birthday, ace

I am now officially on the paper circle cutter train.  Total believer in their magic.  I have a 2" cutter and a 1" cutter.  And I want to cut everything into circles now. 

la table

We made our own pink table linens over a year ago for Fidget's 3rd birthday, and they get constant use with three girls in the house. 

Craft paper and photo circles (ahem) worked for napkin rings.

ace napkin rings

And the cake.  Well.  Have I got a funny story for you.  It involves me deciding to go with store bought cake because I had a lot going on last week and a husband out of town and just

It could be a rather long post. 

And it's a very funny story.

The good news is, I kept my cool.

And there was cake.

happy birthday, ace  

Plenty of it.

happy birthday, ace


The little monkey loved her first baby doll.  Fidget likes this baby, too... and is already trying to negotiate some kind of time-share with it.  I'll let you know how that goes.

happy birthday, ace

Fidget wanted to get her baby sister a bubble machine.

happy birthday, ace

I wonder why.


Summer is fun.  But my kids' schedules are kicking my backside.  You?




Ulla V.

Congratulations to your sweet little girl. She really got celebrated in such a beautiful and loving way. :)


happy birthday to AM!

(i didn't realize she and dar shared a birthday).

the 22nd of june really is the best day, isn't it?



Oh so much love to you all! You are the Queen of Decorating for Birthdays, Chris. xoxox


What a beautiful party and a beautiful baby! Happy Birthday little one!


what a pretty birthday celebration! congrats mom!


Happy birthday sweet girl! Summer is kicking my butt too.


What a sweet, creative birthday party... and a beautiful 1 year old!


I can not believe that it's already been a year! Girl, you are the hostess with the mostess! And I'm with you, summer is making me tired.


Happy Birthday to that sweet baby girl. The first photo on this blog entry is absolutely beautiful

Erika Sews-it-all

What a cutie! I love all the decorations and details you put together for the party - it looks so festive! Cake - yes - my little girl refused her 1st birthday cake and cried until we wiped it off her hands and took it away!

amy h

She can't be one -- she's only a hair older than my M, who is just a tiny, tiny baby. (Denial.) Happy birthday, A!

UK lass in US

What a beauty she is - happy belated birthday to her!

Alicia A.

Wow. It all looked so beautiful and girlie.
I hope she had an amazing day!


I just love those "cake all over" photos.


I love love love your party pictures! My littlest will be one at the end of August and I am saving this blog for my inspiration for her party. Your blog is fabulous... I will definitely be stopping back.


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