{ etsy love } Beki's bags...
{ laughing } who's the boss?

{ shop } there's new stuff over there

Tonight I am taking a break from sewing and cleanup up plastic eggs and shredded paper grass to update my etsy shop.  The thing is, all this wonderful stuff is taking over my studio. 


I have the best luck with linens, I tell you.  Wish I could keep them all.  Don't you think those two towels would make the perfect gift for a bride-to-be?

There is also possibly the most disorganized and random assembly-line project of mass pj bottom making in the studio.  I have these crazy plans to have a few ready for mother's day.  I know.  Crazy, right?

Good night!



Dang, I missed those aqua serving pieces. but I got the towels. Ha!
And my dear, you have the most wonderful listings...


Aw man, I went for the towels and they're already gone!

Ashley Ann

I love those mugs. I can't believe you aren't keeping them. :D


You're giving up those mugs? They'd be in my cabinet already if I found them!


I love how the cutlery looks like it's chocolate fipped fromt he wrong end!


urm, chocolate dipped...

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