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Despite the umpteen feet of snow that blanketed good old Kansas City and the rest of the Midwest this weekend, I have set my sights on spring.

Here are a few of the latest items added to the shop.


Here's to warmer temps and more sunshine.  I know it's coming.  I can feel it.  (Even if I can't feel my toes at the moment.)



PS: The canisters have sold already -- wow!  The description was my favorite of the ones I wrote today, so I thought I'd share it here, anyway:

Fran was my grandmother's neighbor and best friend. She was a whiz in the kitchen and would drop by with special treats for us when we were visiting. Cookies and crumb bars, muffins or breads, whatever she was in the mood for and her pantry inspired that day.

Fran's kitchen had yellow cabinets and a speckled Formica counter that sometimes picked up the sunshine. Her avocado green appliances all matched and had fancy detailing on the chrome, and the oven had a tiny clock on the front that was always off by a few minutes. The stainless steel sink had a window above it that was flanked by tiny shelves attached to the sides of the cupboards. She kept her trinkets and toothpicks up there where little hands couldn't reach.

There was a set of canisters like these in her tiny sunny kitchen. I was convinced as a child that they were filled with all sorts of special ingredients. There was no way *Fran* used ordinary stuff like flour and sugar in her treats. They were much too extraordinary for that.

Some poor tired soul might have dropped the coffee tin in a stupor early one morning, for there is a small dent on the bottom edge of that one. But they have otherwise aged very well and are good vintage condition.

The flour tin is 9" tall by 6" wide. The smallest tin, Tea, is 6" tall by 4" wide.


Those tins are off to Alaska!!!



Wow, I just stumbled upon your beautiful blog! So much inspiration here! Love it!



I just love the catalogue page previews : )


I love the linen towels. Looks like someone else did, too! ;)

I also love the pillow...if I brought home another pillow Travis would probably throw a fit! I've formed an addiction lately.


I don't know anyone resisted buying them with that wonderful description!


need to check this out! hope its not all gone now! hope all is well with you!

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