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{ sewing } the vintage pillow redux

Once upon a time there was a standard white cotton pillowcase with a pretty blue flowered edging.

Grandma spent hours stitching the delicate flowers and petals before setting it on the bed her granddaughters used in the guest room. Secrets traveled in whispers over these flowers as the girls tried hard to keep their voices down, but they were far too excited to sleep just yet.

Tomorrow, Grandma had promised, they were going swimming at the lake. They were going to look for treasures in the soft sand and gather wild blueberries on the way back to the car. They could almost smell Grandma's Ban de Soleil already.

A few decades later, I stumbled upon this pillowcase at a thrift shop. Cast aside, it sat there just begging for me to take it home and make it useful again.

And so I did.



The front is made of layered hand-ripped strips of the pillowcase fabric, and the aqua cross-stitch is centered. The back has a zippered closure and has a contrasting gold honeycomb print.

And now it's in my etsy shop along with a couple other new items.

(but it's hard to let this one go....)



good LORD that is lovely.
happy weekend friend.
(i will refrain from mentioning our upcoming meeting on the hardwood.)


that is very pretty.


How can you stand to part with this lovely creation?

pretty momma

LOVE IT!!!! just put one like it on my christmas wish list...(hint hint)love you!


Beautiful. I hope the shop is going well!


Gorgeous! that one should have been a keeper, but I'm sure you'll have many of those!

Melony at Whimsy Daisy!

So very pretty. I really like the way you layered the fabric giving it texture.


Ohhhhhhhh! I love that!

UK lass in US

Very pretty.


Gorgeous! And someone snapped it up in a NY minute I bet. Inspired.

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