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{ sewing refashion } the ruffled tank

Oh my.  When I ask for ideas, I sure get them.  Thank you!  Some bags have already been given away, a few others are on hold for a friend, and the others are coming to coffee with me on Friday...  (I liked the idea of cutting them up to use as cards or tags, too.  Of course, I'd feel compelled to keep them all if that were the plan.  And we might be back at square one.  Ahem. )


I've been a little obsessed with the ruffles I'm seeing everywhere this spring.  In every catalog.  In every store window. On tons of blogs. In magazines.  And at Target.  Oh Target, how I love thee!

Knowing that I would not be happy unless I tried my hand at ruffled applique, I picked up two tank tops last week at one of my local thrift haunts.   I cut one up into strips and ruffled to my heart's content.  The other got a hefty dose of iron-on stabilizer on the inside.  Knits tend to stretch out every which way when you are sewing with them and, while I don't always use stabilizer for my smaller appliques, this project would not have been the same without it.

thrifted tank, ruffled

I didn't pin the ruffles, but sewed them on as I went, stopping and turning the tank on my machine every few stitches.  It wasn't elegant stitchery -- which might explain why I have this giant ruffly flower that should probably be about one inch to the left and about two inches higher -- but that's ok.  I'm going to chock it up to experience and wear it anyway. 

thrifted tank, ruffled

My almost fourteen year old wants me to make her one in black with tan ruffles. Love that.

thrifted tank, ruffled

It looks better worn than draping and sagging from the hanger.

But it's March.  And I'm nice.  And I am NOT going to expose you to the lily whiteness of my upper arms today and risk scarring you for life.  


(I get a lot  of comments and questions about my crocheted hangers. I pick them up thrifting whenever I can, rarely paying more than a quarter.  It's such a great deal, and a fun item to keep your eye out for...  We might have about 20 now, and they are wonderful for some items that usually slip off hangers.)





Great job!


I love that. How did you finish the edges? So, so cute! :)

chris carleton

Tara:   Thanks so much!   I didnt finish the edges at all.  Most knits dont fray much, if at all, so Im just going to throw it in the wash and see how it goes.  A fun little $2 experiment.  :)  If it frays a bit, I think it will only add to the fluffiness anyway. Well see.   xo  (if I were going to finish the edges, I would have done a wide zig-zag over the edge...)



so cute. i'm inspired!


Well if C. wants one, you know that's a ringing endorsement. :)
I have been looking at Lera's ruffled/embellished t-shirts and cardis for a while and thinking.....
Great job, my friend, for actually DOING.


Looks great Chris! And I think black and beige would be fabulous : )


Love the ruffled look...you did a fantastic job..inspires me to give this a go sometime!


Even if I were to learn to sew, cuteness like that would just not flow through my threads. xoxo


Very, very cute!


Any chance of you doing a tutorial for this? I would really like to try ruffles and knits, but I'm a bit scared. Did you use a regular machine or a serger?


oh this is too cute, I want to make one now...I've never heard of the stabilizer stuff (but I'm kinda new to sewing)...I guess I'm going to have to find some!

Aunt Fashionista

Love it sis!


I definitely am going to have to try this--I have so many plain-jane tanktops!


i need one of those! bad!

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