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Like, before she's one?  We'll see.  Problem is, my free time tends to happen when little missy is asleep in there.  Anyway, here's another peek at that sweet little green dress her mama made her wear the other day.  Poor thing.

It looks much more Swiss Miss than Irish to me, but I still love it.

nursery + green dress

Those little red shoes were a baby gift from my dear friend Jen. (ages ago.) 

The print is a signed Elsie original from the bricks and mortar shop of Red Velvet Art.  I love this shop for so many reasons.  The stuff is cute cute cute.  They are living the dream of owning a little shop in a cool old building in a refurbished old part of town by the railroad tracks.  In the town I went to high school.  (The same high school, I have to mention because it is almost a rule, that Brad Pitt and Lucas Grabeel went to.)  I know, big times. Anyway, Elsie and the girls are just adorable.  Just go check them out if you haven't already...

Of course, they are going to make the rest of my post seem boring and predictable.

The dress?  It had little red vintage buttons you couldn't see in the photo on Wednesday.  I am almost 100% sure these were from my mom's stash I inherited when they moved last year.

vintage buttons too

This was the perfect little project for the thrifted eyelet trim (a yard or less) that I've had forever.  I had forgotten about it.  Now I want to add it to everything.

+ trim

Not pictured in the top photo is this pretty mobile I bought - new, even!  GASP - from an art shop in Columbia, MO, called Bluestem Missouri Crafts.  It is a wonderful store.  And it's local, which always makes me happy. 

Love mobile in the nursery

I love love love it.


Happy weekending.  I am working on some shop stuff and need to get my head around some new ideas.  I'm so inspired these days and I need to prioritize my plans.  Right now I'm a crazy woman.  A fun, happy crazy woman.  But crazy, nonetheless.  (you'll love me anyway, right?)



Sarah :: greenclogs

I adore that dress! So very cute. And you know my eyes went straight to that print. Off to check it out now. Happy Friday, friend!

UK lass in US

It's a really sweet dress - and I'd imagine a lot more comfy for a wee lass than what I think of as an Irish dress...


the dress is absolutely adorable. i love the mobile too.


Beautiful Chris!! I can't wait to see it all! Love the little green dress....you have inspired me to dust off my machine. I think I am going to start with a skirt this weekend. Have a happy Friday!

amy h

Chris, does that mobile say who made it? My sis has been looking for a mobile, and she might like that one.

chris carleton

Amy, her name is Marilyn Vernon.  I dont see any of her work for sale on their site, but there was a lot of inventory in their store last fall... There were so many beautiful mobiles to choose from, many had birds and florals and trees... very, very cool stuff.  I think she is right up your alley (and angies).  There were several LOVE ones, too.  xoxo

Ill let you know the next time I am off to Columbia, just in case.


I LOVE that dress!!! I think it is so adorable and I want one just like it for my baby girl!


you are so very talented. i just love to come and visit. I can't wait to try some of your patterns. i just hope they come out as darling as yours.


Love that dress! So adorable!

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