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fidge turns 4.

We had a birthday here last weekend.

Figet turned four.  [ insert standard 'I can't believe how fast it's gone' comment here. ]  It was pink princess everything and she had the best time.  The Best. 

There is something magical and sweet about four year old girls.  I remember when the eldest was four.  I thought it was the Perfect Age.  She was just coming into her personality, and it was a transformation from toddlerhood to semi-big-kid status... The realm of make believe is so very important.  Fairies and princesses and all sorts of special characters are still very much a part of real life. 

And four year old girls can be reasoned with, for the most part.  Such a relief for this momma. They understand big things and little things and are obsessed with learning and When They Can Go To School.   She is on the precipice of new friends and homework and teachers and recess and lunchtime, but Not Yet.

My goal for her for the next year-and-a-half is to savor this last part of responsibility-free childhood.  She's going to remember these days.  We think The Bike will have something to do with that.  :)

and gets a bike

(The nice thing about laminate floors is that you can allow things like riding a bike indoors.  And tap shoes.  And, well, pretty much anything.)


I've been checking out so many of the new blogs over the past week.  It's overwhelming, the talent that is out there.   One of these days I am going to list some of the stuff that is blowing my mind.

Until then, xoxo



Happy Birthday to all of you, but especially to that beautiful princess. I hope you had a wonderful, magical day!


Hapde Burfday fidget! (4 is oh so much better than 3 and 5? Pretty fantastic.)


Oh, Fidge! Happy 4! I'm sure you'll squeeze every bit of fun and sweetness out of this exciting year.
Miss Lori


What a pretty little girl! Hope she has a wonderful 4th year!


Aww, looks lovely! Happy Birthday Miss Fidget!!

Aunt Fashionista

I'm so glad we were there!


I cannot believe she's 4! Such a sweet age. Happy Birthday to Fidget.


I too loved four, but five is even better. The love of books and the desire to read and the vocabulary. You'll love it.


What a cute 4 year old you have! And yes, four is so fun! My middle boy just turned 5 last week and I'm a little sad to see 4 go. Partially because I know he'll be leaving me to spend half his day somewhere else soon. But let's not talk about that.
We had laminate floors in our old house and used to let the kids ride scooters in the house all the time. And once we rolled up all the rugs, moved all the furniture and had a big ol' skate and scooter party. It was fun! We're putting laminate in this house as soon as the kitchen remodel is done.:)

Sarah :: greenclogs

Happy happy birthday!! Hope it was a wonderful day for everyone.


Four is a wonderful age. Enjoy. I love all the pink!

Mary Smith

Oh, my goodness, I can't believe how fast your girls are growing!! It's very neat to follow your life along on your blog through photos, but I remember Fidget being so small when I first started reading and your baby is so cute!! Happy Birthday, blessings and good wishes your way!

UK lass in US

Happy beleted birthday to fidget!

My daughter is soon turning 5. I'm not sure that she can be reasoned with (I blame my husband's genes for that), but her personality has definitely shown through this past year...

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