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{ bit o green } happy St. Patty's Day

I'm not Irish, but I sure do like to herald the coming of Spring with green around here.

bits o green

in the dining room,

bits o green

in our makeshift greenhouse of a kitchen, and

bits o green

on unsuspecting little sweeties who will wear whatever their mama pulls over the head.  She loves shoes already.  Oy. 

I love this green print, by the way.  It reminds me of a favorite dress my mom had made me when I was about four years old.  It had capped puff sleeves and a short hem. White or yellow Rick Rack, too, I think.   I wore it with knee socks and red t-strap buster browns.  There is a photo somewhere.  I have a short boyish mop of super straight white-blond hair and a pixie nose. 1976.  Sweet.

This is part of 2 yards I picked up at a thrift store over a year ago and I'm always chicken to use it. (because of the nostalgia, mostly) This morning I decided something festive was in order, so I got brave, cut into it and made this simple dress that does look very handmade, but I love it anyway.   I'll share another view of it eventually -- but I couldn't wait and it had to be worn. 

Crew-to-Cardigan how-tos soon.  Specifically, the t-shirt trim.  I am obsessed. 

Happy St. Patty's Day. 



add in some baked goods and you're all set! i tried some scones from smitten kitchen:


i love the dress you made! i figure that if i want something to look store-bought i'll buy it at the store. :)


Oh that dress is so great, and I would be saving that material too. It is divine, and that little one is precious herself.

UK lass in US

What a sweet dress. Much better for St Patrick's Day than the faded green socks I put on my son (I was told that Americans will pinch you if you're not wearing green). What can I say, we don't wear much green around here.

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