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Oh my Goodness!

Thank you Thank you Thank you!!! 

I am so genuinely flattered and encouraged by all of the sweet comments and support I've received since announcing the shop.  Really, it's quite overwhelming for a person like me who has great difficulty with change and branching out and and taking chances and, if we are being 100% honest, confidence. 

Things like estimating shipping costs are tripping me up.  I have taken a loss a couple times there already; there has to be a better way to ship that doesn't cost an arm and a leg.  Shipping costs shouldn't be a deterrent, you know??  Any ideas there??

Also, packaging.  I thought for sure there would be enough boxes and whatnot around here for shipping, but I was wrong.  Does that mean purchasing real shipping supplies?  Where do you etsy veterans get yours?

I'm also kind of obsessing and stressing about getting to the post office immediately.  With the baby.  In the bucket carrier.  And the boxes.  In the snow.  And ice.  And what have you.  Not entirely sure I picked the best season month of my life to jump in, but what the hey.

New in the shop this week:


( Oops.  The syrup dispenser is gone already.  Wow, that was fast!)

But really, this little shop has been so much fun.  And I'm thrilled to say that I've actually sold stuff.  What a thrill!!!  To Japan and the UK, even.  I'm global, baby.  hee.

Gosh this is fun. 

The dorkiness is at an all-time high. 

Just in case you were wondering.

Which, I'm sure you were not.

So, thank you.  Thank you so much for just stopping by and making The Shop feel legit and all. 




The best investment I ever made was in a postal scale, then you can calculate and print your shipping from home AND it's cheaper. If you ship priority, you can get free boxes from the post office. Also, use carrier pick up! Let the PO work for you!!!


I think you need to give your friends the heads up on stuff before you post it ;-) Just teasing. Can't wait to see what other treasures you list.

(We HAVE to go to the post office to pick up our mail. We don't have home delivery in our town. The best part is that it is rarely busy. Even at Christmas.)


Ditto Beki on the Postal scale. Also - the post office will deliver Priority Mail supplies for FREE! (I mean, they are free to order, and they deliver them for free!)

And, priority is much easier to estimate. I run a business out of my house, and I only use priority.

Love the new shop!


And I was JUST about to say...I LOVE the syrup dispenser:) Oh well...someone's kitchen is happier now!

Ashley Ann

I was going to give you some of my tips, but I like the other ones better! I've been weighing (haha) the pros and cons of getting a postal scale and think I'm going to do it!

I always use recycled packaging- sewed up flattened cereal boxes, cut up paper bags, etc. Not sure if that would work for your pretty breakables though.


ohmigosh...How did I miss that you'd opened a shop?? I must be living in a bubble. A frozen icy bubble. I hope it thaws soon!

I use priority boxes. I know how much my stuff weighs, which makes that easy for me. Since your weights will vary, you could charge the flat rate fee, maybe, and just ship in those flat rate boxes to make it simple? (although, I guess the higher fee might be a deterrent to buying for some? But then again...I've paid high ship fees for stuff off of etsy and received it only to note they sent it the standard first class cheap rate, too. It's not really bothered me???)

You then schedule your friendly postal carrier to pick it up on your door step the next day...and keep them happy with some spoiling every now and again. I've had no issues! I typically pick up a zillion boxes at once at the PO, and have also had them shipped to me for free.

I've found lots of cheap packing supplies at the dollar store for the international and/or envelope type mailings. There are lots of fun ways to dress up those plain-jain envelopes.

Good luck! So exciting!!!


USPS Priority can order the boxes in sets of 25 online (shipped to your door...all free!). I'm not much help on estimating shipping (esp. international where my estimate is always too low) but the flat rate boxes might work for your items.


I order priority boxes from USPS and ship in the flat rate ones as well... no guesswork. If you print the shipping label at home, you can even schedule a pickup so you can avoid the post office altogether!
Glad things are going well with your shop!


If you don't go the scale rate, you can bring in hand weights to the postal outlet. Pick the fathest place in the country and international and they can tell you what 5lbs would be. Double for big items and include the cost of postal boxes in shipping. Not as easy as the scale, but it will get you through. (the scale sounds awesome though). Of course you can change your estimates based on what you've shipped already....


The Post Office also has Flat Rate International. You just get the boxes from them (for free) and you can use USPS Click and Ship to print the labels. The prices depend on the size of the box, but weight doesn't matter at all! Good luck!


Congratulations on the shop! :) And I have to agree on getting a postal scale and shipping Priority!


since i have been out of the loop for so long, i was excited to hear about your shop! can't wait to go check it out! now!


I'm so glad you started a shop! I love, LOVE the milk glass! I may be making a purchase soon... :)

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