Oh my Goodness!

she closed her eyes and jumped

So once there was this girl who made stuff out of the things her mom tried to throw away.

She stole little bits of fabric scraps and thread from the sewing bins and made barbie clothes.  She made furniture out of discarded Pringles cans and cereal boxes.

When she went to college, she took her mom's old Singer so she could 'taper' the ankles of her jeans.  It was the early nineties.  She was stylish.

The next twenty years were a blur of curtains and pillows and baby blankets and slipcovers and girl clothes and princess dresses and costumes and bibs and duvets and pajama bottoms.

Until now.

When opened her own etsy shop.


Friends, I am stepping out of my comfort zone.   There is a new little shop at etsy where I've hung my shingle.  I'm slowly adding items -- both vintage and handmade. 

I'm still quite uneasy about the whole thing, but it should keep this momma busy.  Stop by and mingle for a bit, why don't you?  xoxo

p.s.  I just had my first sale! 

p.p.s. This is so exciting. 

p.p.p.s.  I'm a complete dork. This I know.



This is so great! Congratulations. I'll be sure to share the link. Everything is so lovely.

Crafty Mummy

Good for you! I'm still finding the courage...

Sarah :: greenclogs

Yay!!! Very proud of you for stepping out there. Off to go look!


good luck! you'll do great.


Congrats! That is totally exciting, I am hoping to have one by the end of the year -that's my goal. I will be just as dorkily (is that a word??) excited as you!


Congratulations. I will surely shop!


Congratulations Chris! I knew you'd jump in one day... have fun!


Congrats! You have some great items in there! Love that pillow.


HOORAY!!! Congratulations on taking the leap! Can't wait to check out your goodies :-)




A beautiful shop! Congratulations on your first sale!

amy h

Super cute stuff! I love that black and white pillow. I hope it goes well for you!


Congrats, that's so awesome! I saw that you made 2 sales, way to go! I'm so proud you started your shop, I hope it brings lots of success!

Ashley Ann

Congrats lady! :D

Consider your shop hearted!


This makes me smile! I'm SO proud of you friend! Looking forward to watching you grow! Your shop looks great. Congrats sweetie! xo


dude. why am I so late to this party. going over to look right now. congratulations, my friend.


Girl, I didn't know that you did it already! I'm so happy I was able to score something :) You'll do great, I know it!!


wow!! Congratulations for your new project!!! It seems to be so exciting!


yay for you!

(i would say yay for me, but it looks like somebody beat me to those s&p shakers.)

best of luck on your exciting endeavor!


congrats Chris!
I'm lovin that FIVE baby bib


Congratulations!!! What a lovely shop.

p.p.p.p.s. You have SIX sales now...


six sales! go you!
and congrats - it's lovely.

Aunt Fashionista

You are the cutest!!! It's about time you did this lady!


Yay! How exciting!


I love checking out your blog - so pretty! Congrats on your new Etsy store, I'm checking it out right now. You're going to sell out very quickly at this rate! Good for you..


OHHhhh, congrats! So excited for you! I know you will do fabulous!!!!!!!!


wow where have i been? congratulations! i wish you great success. i'm going to check out the shop now!


You are so not a dork!

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