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(This post is all over the place.  Just warning you.  Turn away if you want.  I won't even know. )

1. Wow!  Thanks for the feedback on the shipping.  I had already decided to run out and get a postal scale when the deluge of confirmation came in.  Sticking with Priority Mail should make it easier, too.  Whew.  Am I ever glad I asked.  The blog world is great for that, isn't it? 


2. I still can't believe the flowers I got for Valentine's Day are looking good.  I was playing with my camera yesterday and took this photo.  No lie.  That's 10 days.  I love love love fresh flowers.  Such an indulgence, but love them all the same.  I'm so glad he knows that. 

3. I'm working on a fun pillow for the shop that makes use of an embroidered pillowcase.


Toying with adding in a zipper -- although I'm not sure the design of this one lends itself to laundering.  I do like trying new things though. I have several new sewing projects lined up for the shop, which makes me so very excited.  

4.  I've been ripping my fabric lately, to cut it.  It does make a nice, straight line.  Also, there is a cathartic exercise about the acting of ripping something.  Which is an added bonus, in my book.

5.  Fidget's FOURTH birthday is this weekend.  It's all princess, which means there will be lots of commercially designed stuff everywhere.  But I'm not going to beat myself up over that.  You only turn four and want a princess party once.  And I'm still making the cake, so that counts.

6.  Seriously, she's turning FOUR.  How the heck did that happen?

7.  In other news, babygirl is EIGHT MONTHS OLD now.  I know.  I spend the majority of her waking moments biting her cheeks.


8.  Not really biting.  But snorfgrfring. 

9. Also: I may be terribly late to the game, but how cool is this stuff?  I had to buy a little in the aqua stripe.

10.  We're having out of town family stay with us this weekend, for Fidget's birthday.  I love that I have company often enough that the house gets the extra attention it deserves every 8 weeks or so.  Anyone else feel that way??  I mean, no one else will notice whether or not I dusted the living room blinds (hopefully), but it feels good to get it done.  Maybe that's nuts.  If it is, don't tell me.  Otherwise my house may never get clean. 

11.  I'm only partly kidding.

12.  Sort of.



More of the the baby on a regular basis please!!


It's funny that you mention that about cleaning your house when people come over... my dh was telling me the same thing for my 5 year old's party on the 13th! LOL!


houseguests are the perfect reason to spiff everything up. i do that too!


I CAN'T WAIT to kiss those cheeks this weekend! and Chris, don't kill yourself cleaning for us!


snorfgrfr to the wee one and a high princess five to Miss Four.
and have i told you how much i love my pillow? seriously... i love love love love love my pillow.


8 months! Ack! Our babies are growing so fast. Can I sneak me some kisses on those sweet cheeks this weekend too?


Lots of randomness, just like I like! What an adorable baby! More pics of her please! Plus, I'm looking forward to seeing what you do with the pillowcase.


I know what you mean about the house getting extra attention. As a renter, I hate inspections, but love the excuse - otherwise the windows never get washed or the oven cleaned. I've just bought a house and I'm not sure how I'm going to motivate myself now!

I may have tried to snorfle your duaghter's cheeks through my computer screen. It was less than successful.


Oh heavens that is one yummy baby.


She is absolutely adorable!

My house gets cleaned when I host a playdate, so I totally understand!


oh those cheeks! I love them :-)

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