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{ quilts } For Mack

I love it when the end product turns out just like what you imagined.


This baby quilt is for Mack.  Short for Macarthur.  Mack's Daddy -- ha!-- is one of hubs' best friends and this is about three months late.  But to be fair, they wouldn't reveal the sex until he was born, so I'm not going to beat myself up over it.


For this quilt, I used mens' dress shirts and some basic quilter's cottons.  I LOVE how the dress shirt cuttings work in there.  I wanted to make a boy baby quilt that didn't scream TRACTORS or DINOSAURS or BALLS or whatever... but something that would still read 'boy'.


I'm in love with this kind of random stripey crazy quilting.  (The results, anyway.  Machine quilting is still my second choice, but it is quickly becoming my favorite way to drive myself batty on a Saturday night.)


A good satin stitch project is one of the only ways I can sit still long enough to watch a show.  I loved using this font -- printed it out, and traced it onto the fabric using the light from a window.  Very high-tech. 


That's it. The one thing I would change maybe is to use a flannel inside instead of the batting.  As heavily quilted as this thing is, it feels a little stiff for a baby.  Hopefully, Mack's Mommy will wash it a lot and it will soften.  But I always worry that gift quilts are going to end up on a shelf.  

Jenny, if you're reading this, DON'T be afraid to wash it!  xoxoxo


FYI:  The Craft Hope for Haiti Shop is still adding new items!!

Beki Several of the mini quilts pictured in Pretty Little Mini Quilts from Lark Books (soon to be released) were listed for sale just last night.

This one was made by my friend Beki from artsy crafty babe.  Isn't it gorgeous?

Also, if you haven't checked there in a while, there are also a few hangbags donated by Amy Butler herself, like this Field BagAB-bag .  The pinkness is killing me.

There are also several books that have been donated -- including signed copies of Hh The Creative Family and Handmade Home, both by Amanda Soule.

According to Sarah and Jade, the shop has now raised over $30,000 for Doctors Without Borders in Haiti. Wow. That's something big.



Erin Tink

Gorgeous quilt! I always love your style. :)


gorgeous, chris!
just so cool.

I love doing the random/stripey quilting, too - looks great and so much easier than stippling!


oh, wow. i love.

Sarah :: greenclogs

It's gorgeous! I'm trying to figure out how I'm going to quilt my string quilt. I may try some free motion quilting for the first time (practicing on something else first!). What do you think?

Thanks for the shop plug - we really do have some beautiful things in there right now. I'm so grateful for all of your support.



gorgeous quilt fawb!!!


GORGEOUS baby boy quilt! I'm also not fond of boy decor that shouts "trains" "baseball" "football" "any sports team" or "tractors."
This is stunning - and baby Mack will LOVE it!
I'll be posting my own soon-to-be baby's quilt - but a sneak peek here:

Dan West

I know nothing of the skill and effort it takes to create something like this, but I'm assuming it is at least equal to preparing for a fantasy baseball draft. So a tremendous undertaking. I'm sure Mack will enjoy his as much as Big Sis Katie enjoys hers. Thanks so much CC.

Mack Daddy

p.s. Are there chocolate chips in it?


It's wonderful! I love boy things that don't scream out characters or sports or anything. I think you did a super job!


this is wonderful, chris! i'm in the middle of cutting a quilt from fatty's old clothes - he asked for it!


wow, that looks awesome. I would love to see a 'full body' shot. I've been slowly collecting stripey mens shirts to do the Kaffe Fassett shirt stripe boxes quilt, but I think I may prefer this. Great work!


Love this! xoxo


that quilt is divine! fabulous work!


Chris - it is beautiful! I love how you included some of the clothing labels.

UK lass in US

The quilt is wonderful. Tch, don't people know that they should always find out the sex, just for the crafters in their lives?


Oh wow - this is just amazing! I don't think it is in danger of ending up on a shelf! ;)

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