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{ glam } Miss America Watch Party 2010

Well, here we are. In all our glory.  And makeup.

miss america party night

And hairspray.


And, ahem, foundation garments.  Because, let's face it, thangs aren't exactly in the same place that they were Back In the Day.

But let me tell you my friends, the sequins IS. Heavens. 

Remember that full body skin-tight cast of sequins from 1988?  The kind that isn't forgiving when you have to, say, close your car door or pick up something (oof!) or just sit?  That, my friends, was pre-spandex.  And that is what I wore Saturday night.  For a couple hours. I sorta felt like Joan Cusack with the neck brace in Sixteen Candles.   There was a costume change, but so far no photos have surfaced of that hot pink number.  Darn.  

I'm pretty mad at myself for not getting photos of the amazing food (crab/mushroom pinwheels, sushi, dips dips, cupcakes, creme puffs, strawberries, mmmm.  What else?  I ate a lot...) nor did I score photos of the beverage counter, where the fou-fou drinks reigned supreme.  grumble grumble.  I was clearly too busy stuffing my face.


Many thanks to Miss Laeroport (her photo, above) for crossing state lines to join us for our little fiesta.  We were the best dressed people in the Hyvee Grocery (picking up libations) and the Japanese Steakhouse (picking up the sushi) for sure.  I will not forget those looks for quite some time.  It was a hoot, my friend!




pretty momma

wow...looks like "j" is gonna fight me for the crown in one of those!!!!!


and.... I'm laughing.... again. oh, lordy. that was good.
and you forgot to mention falling down when you tried to pick up something from the floor, thanks to the inability to bend. :)
how long til next year?


That's just flipping hilarious! LOL!!!

Aunt Fashionista

Sorry I missed it ladies! Next year!! Maybe I will once again be able to squeeze into the Little Bo Peep/Scarlet O'Hara dress! We could only hope! :)

Aunt Fashionista

I wonder if I could use a few more exclamation points next time!!!!!


I look forward to your posts every year! Everyone looks great! Maybe next time you can do something to your hair that you don't wear every day? ; p smooch!

chris carleton

Thats just it, Nat!  My hair was HUGE and you cant even tell!!!  Grrr.  Vewy disappointing.  Huge, I tell you.


Sarah ::greenclogs

That is so very full of awesome. And yes - bigger hair next year. It's all about the photographs.

Paige Johnson

So much fun! I may have to copy you and host a party next year!


Yowza! That's some big hair you're sporting there, my dear!


FUNNY! But you all look beautiful too (I don't know you in daily real life, so maybe you think that's silly that I think that).
LOVE the boas too.
And I love foundation garments :)


You are too funny - and it's the best party of the year by miles!


Oh wow, that sounds like so much fun! You all look FABULOUS!!


I find this absolutely hilarious. Once a pagaent girl, always a pagaent girl. Thanks for sharing. Wish I could get my gals in the hood to do this, too. Such a great idea.


Oh my - you guys all look great! What a fun time. I can just imagine the looks you got at the store - too funny!


okay, you look like you never had a baby!
fun party!!


OMG!!! you look gorgeous!!!

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