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It's been a crazy couple of weeks, hasn't it? 

In case you haven't heard, the Craft Hope for Haiti Etsy shop has raised over $28,000 for Doctors Without Borders.  That just takes my breath away.  We are still adding new things to the shop daily and the sales continue to add up.  So if you have bought something from the store or donated something to the store -- or both -- THANK YOU!!! 

And it can't be said enough, so I'm going to just say it again for the heck of it.  Many, many thanks to Sarah and Jade for taking charge and making it happen.   Honestly, there is so much behind the scenes...so many emails!!  My word, the amount of email matching from etsy, from paypal, from the donations, from buyers with questions, from the listers.... it boggles my mind.  I'm pretty sure there are super powers involved, but no one is talking.

I'm going to keep updating the store total on the right, under the Craft Hope for Haiti button, just in case you're curious. 


And now.

On with our regularly scheduled program.

Installment #3 of the Parade of Handmade Christmas Gifties, the Emma Princess Dress:

(photos courtesy of the Queen, my friend Katie.  Thanks, honey!!  xoxo)

It is equal parts:

thrifted vintage blousy polyester
70s floral
girly color explosion
and 'tude (evidently) 

This is the second play dress I have made to grow with the princess.  It has adjustable straps (see top right photo, button holes on straps) a velcro back closure at waist, and a button with elastic tie.  It seems like around our house, dresses are either too small or too big and there aren't easy ways to make them fit all of our friends.  With a few adjustments, this one can.  :)

The fact that I scored all this awesome poly for $1.30 and still have some left over is even better.  Six -year-olds shouldn't have all the fun, should they?

Next up, prezzies for the girlfriends...

Happy Weekend, Everyone!  (it's not too late to throw a Miss America Party of your own, you know... )



Keep this up, and the Disney princess franchise will be knocking on your door, looking for a new costume designer.


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