{sewing} holiday skirts for the wee ones
{ snowed in } making the best of it

Popping In....

Happy 2010!

It's COLD and SNOWY and FROSTY and all sorts of Brrrrr around here. I am getting down to the sewing room nearly every day and I have so much to share.  So much.  Including this little number that is still in its gift box.


Sorry I can't reveal more until her mommy has seen it in person.  ;)  I have a lot of little gifts like this to show still.  I can tell you that I fell in love with the thrifted vintage polyester. (3 yds, 1.30) It didn't even have that old musty smell.  Just lovely.  And there is enough left over for some selfish sewing, even.  Score!)

I took this photo in the same window... Doesn't it just make you cold, looking at it??


OK, off to refill the coffee cup....   I'll be back soon.  Here's to getting back in the groove!




Can't wait to see what you're up to. It's brrr cold here, too!


Groove Wednesday for me - back to work and school. With mixed feelings.


You always inspire me to sew. Great pictures, anxious for the big reveal! Very chilly, here in PA, as well. Tomorrow I am heading back to TJ Maxx for some almost- over- the- top ear muffs that I passed up yesterday! lol! Keep warm.


Love a tease!

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