Popping In....
{sewing } Parade of Christmas Handmades begins

{ snowed in } making the best of it

Fallen leaves from an indoor plant, placed on the windowsill to get some sun. 

big snow 2010

Yesterday was -- day four? five? whatever -- of being snowed in here in KC. Like really snowed in.  The streets haven't been clear since before Christmas and we have 4'+ high snowbanks -- on either side of our driveway!  Plus, the cold.  Oh my.  I could handle this all a lot better if we could go out and romp outside a bit, but these little piggies are staying inside when it's -30 and windy.  Oh well.  

Here's to the optimism of almost-four-year-olds. 

in the oven, getting squishy

I took the cue from little Fidget and decided to make the best of it yesterday.  We got out some crayons, ripped off the paper, broke the crayons into pieces and tossed them into mini cupcake tins. She thought this was the best thing ever, AND it kept our fingers busy for almost a half hour.  Even the 13 year old played along.

Preheated to 275, and left them in for 8 minutes. I sprayed the tin with cooking spray, but I don't know if that part was necessary.

[edited to add: I guess the spray is necessary.  Glad I did.  Also, this is sooo not an original project, just something I've seen several times online over the last couple years and finally got around to doing...]

after about 8 minutes at 275

I put them in the fridge for a few minutes to set, and then in the freezer to further harden. They just popped out of the tin on to a towel and were ready to go.

mini tin crayons

One thing I had to do was cut off a fine layer of clear wax from around the bottom of some (you can see it in the pink one above).  I used a box cutter.  Fancy, I know.  Once I did that, the new crayons worked perfectly.  They nearly all have names.   The pink one in the middle is the Sleeping Beauty crayon, and the blue sparkly one to the left is Ariel, and the green and red one is the Christmas Crayon. 

I said we named them. Not that they were terribly original. ;)

. . .


We stayed inside this morning and wrote Christmas thank-yous, ate a late breakfast and played with baby.  We remarked at how lucky we are that if the sun can make her way out in the winter, our house can still feel all kinds of warm because of our southern exposure. Our 11 year old golden retriever (who does not retrieve) enjoys long naps in the sunshine.  I like it that tiny pj-feet are warmed by the floorboards.

The little girls went down for a nap a while ago and I happened to walk through the living room still not picked up from this morning.  Bathed in a gentle warm glow, it made me catch my breath. I had to stop and take a photo, just as it was.  It felt so beautiful to me.  The remnants of where Daddy played with baby.  The chair where someone was sitting with their back to the sun.  The toys scattered on a little quilt, quickly discarded for something more interesting to a 6 month old.  The sun streaming in, warming up all of our cabin-fevered hearts and frosty grumpiness.

evidence of a good saturday morning

It was a nice morning.

Optimism is obviously catchy. 



you know i've always wanted to make those but never given it a shot. maybe i'll make some for the kids preschool classes for valentines. i love your living room. i, too, have many of those baby items strewn about. LOVE it.


You are a shining example of cheerfulness in the face of snow. Two days and I had cabin fever. Of the worst possible kind.


Oh how I wished for a snow day! We got 32 inches last weekend and still had to get everyone out the door to school on Monday morning. Apparently Vermonters take some kind of perverse pride in never canceling anything because of weather.


What a nice account of your being snowed in. I, too love the pic of your living room, and so soon this will all change and you'll be so happy you have photos like this to remind you!


How fun, creative and colorful! I've seen this before ... crayon mix ... I've gotta try it with my little bugs. Happy New Year!


btw. we did a batch of those crayons without the spray. Wouldn't recommend it. Actually, I still make muffins in that pan...and just avoid the 10 or so holes that still have crayon residue. I. can't. get. it. off!

chris carleton

Thanks, Stac!  Thats good to know.

chris carleton

@ Sara: Oh, this is so not original!  xo

jennifer victoor

i love that you are making the best of it. stay warm!
oh and i can't believe it only took you a half an hour to peel the crayons out of their paper. when we did those it seemed to take hours and my finger nails were sore for days.


I love how the room's so bright!


Also a KC mom here- this weather is crazy! Two tips about the crayons (we make them a lot in our house...)

#1 If you use silicone molds you can just pop them out after they cool...we have made pumpkins for non-candy Halloween treats, and hearts for Valentines. (Attached to circle cards colored like globes with the message "You color my world!")

#2 Washable crayons tend to leave the clear waxy residue at the top of the mold.

I love to read your blog, BTW. I have two girls and am expecting my third baby...can't wait to see what it is!


We've been having the same weather here. Though not technically snowed in (the plows have been through), it's been soooo cold that no one wants to go out. Today it is 20 though so that's a mini heat wave!

And we made the crayon melts too. We're doing heart shaped ones to give to friends at preschool for Valentine's day. Fun stuff.


It's coooooold here too, and snowy, but we are not technically snowed in! And I'm still bundling up my kiddies and sending them out - but 15 minutes is sometimes all it takes and they're back in.

I'm about to melt crayons at my house! sooooo glad I stopped here first and read the comments. I think I saw a tip somewhere about using parchment paper too, to keep them from sticking. The ones that we're using are already peeled, thanks to a phase of my preschooler's last year.

Aunt Fashionista

Love that picture sis! Wish we were just a tad bit closer so I could pop in and enjoy moments like those with you!


The names in out house would be quite similar. I'm sure we'd have a Sleeping Beauty, a Cinderella, and probably a Pan as well.


Just found your blog and subscribed..very cute stuff you make. :) I was curious where you got the picture on your mantle...it's very pretty!

mary smith

Those crayons are very fun to make. We made star-shaped ones at Christmas one year. Your livingroom is gorgeous!! You have great taste in decorating!! I'm always glad for the sun too.

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