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I'm sure you already figured this out, but I'm taking a break in the Parade of Handmade to help Jade and Sarah with the Craft Hope for Haiti Etsy Store project.

It's all so humbling...The number of donations that are coming in.  How quickly the items are selling.  The speed at which the news of this project is spreading.  Good triumphs.  It totally does. 

Craft Hope Etsy Store for Haiti Website 

If you haven't had a chance to check it out, make sure you do. 

Some of my faves so far? 

This bag.  Oh my.

kawaii bag

and this one, too...


This gorgeousness sold already...


So did this adorableness...


and this schnazziness, which makes me long for 80 degree weather...


....but maybe you can get there fast enough to snatch

Princess Print 

...  or ....

Hot Spots Quilt 

Not feeling that spendy?  How about $4? 

Embroidery pattern

All proceeds go to Doctors Without Borders.  We are listing items nearly every minute and they are going as fast as we can get them up there, so check back often.  You won't be sorry!





thanks so much, chris! you are doing amazing work!


indeed! you all are so giving!
will have a few more donations in the am!

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