{ laughing }
{sewing } parade of Christmas Gifts, for the princess



i really must get on the stick with the bling. :)
is it saturday yet?


oh my word!! I haven't been following your blog very long, so this was new to me but I clicked on all your links - so sad the flickr guest pass expired and will watch for it carefully this year! This is a fabulous idea and I am totally going to pitch it to my girls. I LOVE that thrift store finery!!
Can't wait for the details. . . .



I think I first came by your blog at pageant time 2008 - I was smitten in a single post. Hooray!




I love these posts, that means I have been reading about a year... cause I remember that was one of the first posts I read... so darn cute.


This is so funny, and such a great idea! If we weren't taking the fam bowling Saturday night, I would sooo be doing this! Next year... fo sho!

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