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The Olivia Baby Quilt

I tell you what, my friends sure are keeping me busy making baby gifts these days.  Not that I'm complaining; I'm getting my fair share of snuggles and baby breath.  Is there anything that compares to that?  Because I really don't think so.

olivia quilt

This quilt was made for Olivia Christine, born on October 27.  She is delicate and coo-ey and has the most beautiful full lips -- just like her mama. 

In general, vintage sheets are so pretty that I don't like to cut them up very much.  Bands of color are just fine by me.  It also makes them easy to personalize with embroidery.

olivia quilt

I usually mix a band of a new fabric in with all the older sheeting, mostly to stretch my vintage stash and also to break things up a bit.  But this front and back are made completely from the vintage goods and are ever so soft.   { I used a new cotton print for the binding, which I do prefer for its strength.  Sometimes those timeworn lovelies are prone to tearing. }

olivia quilt

I hope sweet Miss Olivia enjoys her blanket and her mama lets her use it and spit up on it and everything else that goes along with babies.  This one was made with love and should stand the test of time. And if it does need repair, I'm pretty sure they'll know who to call.  ;)

olivia quilt

Hopefully, before too long, I'll have nursery room pics to share.  I'm kind of loving how it's turning out. 



That is absolutely adorable. And thanks for the birthday wishes, sweets. :)


gorgeous quilt for a baby with a pretty name!


I always love your style. This is a lovely blanket . . . so soft, warm and cuddly.


So beautiful! I'm a big fan of vintage sheets, too!


Hi Chris! That is a very pretty little blanket.


Lovely! And the addition of the name is fantastic!


It's beautiful! I've been collecting vintage sheets for quite a while now. Their softness can't be beat.


Such a beautiful blanket! The colours are gorgeous.

Looking forward to nursery pics! :)




Oh Chris, It's just beautiful. I always devour your pictures. You have such a talent with that (aside from the mad sewing skills, that is :))


oh my gosh! I'm obsessed with your BEAUTIFUL quits. Maybe one of these days you could share with us a tutorial for a simple baby quilt like this one. XO.


So lovely. You can see the softness. I'm with another comment-er, I'd love a tutorial for such a sweet quilt. As always, I wonder, where do you fund these beautisul vintage sheets? I must get back to the local flea market again soon to find more!


That's so pretty! I've been feeling the itch to dive into my sheet stash, but I'm not sure what I want to make. It has to be worthy, you know.


It's beautiful. Makes me want to have another baby ... (almost)


Love your quilt Chris! I hope you and baby are doing well!!

UK lass in US

It looks so beautiful. Ah, the elusive vintage sheet. I hear people talk about them, but have never seen one in person. I love the idea of a blanket already soft and snuggly.

The Persimmon Perch

That is adorable! You have an amazing stash of vintage fabrics. Lovely. Jules


Love the vintage sheets - love the hand embroidery! It is gorgeous, lucky little girl.


Awww. I love everything about this blanket. The softness, the colors, the pattern, the embroidered name and the fact that it was made by my sweet, talented friend. We will definetely put some miles on it.....already have!

Thanks agian,
Love ya!

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