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Is there anything like staging the family holiday card photo??

Getting the kids, the weather, the sun, the foliage, the hair and the attitudes to all cooperate at the same time?  I think all photos should come with an audio clip of what was really going on when those idyllic moments were captured.


Mom is running about the front yard in her sweats, yelling "Happy!  Say Happy!  Look at Mommy!  Say Pickles!  Look at Mommy!  Fidget, sit down!  Look here!  Say Merry Christmas!  Say Pumpernickel!  Look at Mommy!  For the love of all that is holy, my preteen daughter, SMILE.  Fidget, sit DOWN!  Say HAPPY!" 


Dad is right behind her, "Look at Mommy!  Fidget!  Look at Mommy!"  And making silly peekaboo faces at the baby.

The thirteen-year-old is not happy about any of this, crossing her fingers that none of her friends happen to see what we are doing in the front yard.  The three-year-old needs a nap and thinks this should be an action shot.  The baby can't make sense of any of it and happens to look really grumpy in every take.


I think we took 150 photos and we got one that works.  Then I had to restage it the next day in the same spot with the baby so we could photoshop a happy face onto her grumpy one.  I'm just going to go ahead and admit that here.  We are photoshopping the Christmas Card.  The holiday craziness is here in full force.  And to think, it's not even December yet.

why, mom?

Happy Monday.



Oh, honey. Thanks for that giggle on this Monday morning. C's face in the last pic. Oy.
And the bear butt tights? Ack!

Sarah Jackson

Ha! We're doing that over Thanksgiving weekend when Lindsay is home. I'm not looking forward to it.


I don't know you, but I love you. Happy parenthood. :)


Ha! Love this post! I'm excited and nervous about this year's X-mas photo. It was always pretty easy with one. The out-takes were pretty minimal....

Hee! I love the peace sign AE is showing on the last one!


We've Photoshopped photos. The great thing is no one really notices. I know what you mean with a zillion and one photos and hopefully one that works. I'm impressed that you're so on the ball! AM has grown and filled out, way to go chocolate boobs! As for Monday? My FB status is right there with you!


My boys were little and kept wrestling with each other as I tried to take a holiday picture...lots of yelling, pleading, yada yada yada...I kept the shot that looked like Jack was "hugging" Ross.

amy h

Oh, you are more brave than I am. IF we get this photo taken, it will be in their PJs. I just can't handle the fancies right now. We have a discount on Hallmark photo cards that only lasts through the weekend, so I really need to get this done.

That last one cracks me up. :) At least you got some sun. There will be none of that for a while.


Oh, you made me laugh. Sorry.

This is why my Christmas photo last year was cloves in a cookie cutter.


LOL. all of my family photos have Jason looking like he is in pain, Molly smiling, Kellie frowning, and Ryan making some goofy face at the camera, but you know what...I love them because it shows exactly who they are. The good, the bad, and the ugly of it all.


I can relate... the Christmas card picture is stressful!

Alicia A.



I need to get going on this, too. I have a few ideas in my head, but the weather and kids have yet to cooperate at the same time. ;o)

Photoshop away!

Aunt Fashionista

Oh my!!! That last picture of all three of them is hilarious! AM looks as though she is throwing out the peace sign! This one made me laugh out loud!


I have had the same problem for two years now. This year I did things differently. I decided to set the camera on a tripod, and let the children make up poses. The first 30 pictures were terrible. However, after a while, the 2yr old and 5 year old really had fun doing it. I set the camera to take three shots at once. I actually got some really great shots that day. You have to have fun, and expect it to take at least an hour if not more. One pose they all liked was everyone standing behind each other in a straight row (smallest to tallest). First we put our hands out to the side. Then we all held hands. Then we hugged each other. It does not always work, but maybe you can try it.


I love it! It reminds me of the year my in-laws set family photos in the evening without planning for dinner. Yes. The photographer called our family the one with all the 'natural family' photos.


I just read your last paragraph to my husband and we both agreed that it sounds familiar. We also both just agreed on Christmas card photos in our pj's this year, so for better or worse, it's been decided, lol.


haha, that last photo is classic. thanks for a giggle


hahaha. awesome post. love that last picture.

UK lass in US

One of my favourite photos is one I took of my kids for the holiday card. What makes it better is that I know the reason for the sweet hug that my daughter is giving my son: I was making her apologise for smacking him 2 seconds earlier...

Is it really that time of year already? I haven't even taken a photo of my kids in their Halloween outfits yet...


Christmas card photo shoots usually end with the majority of my family in tears!

You have a 13 year-old, a 3 year-old, and a newborn to boot? Where do you hide your superhero cape?


ha! i love it. thanks for the great story.


We tried to take ours today, and all I can say, is I wish I had photoshop. And knew how to use it.


I can relate!


She makes a great big sister.

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