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Happy Friday! 


The nursery is coming along.  It's not finished, but I couldn't go any longer without sharing photos.  She's five months old already, for crying out loud.  (*sniff*  Really?)

tiny duvet cover

changing pad on the dresser

I do believe the dresser was made to be this color.  It feels like full-size Barbie furniture now.

so close...

I'm having fun with Babygirl's first initial, can you tell?

Ok, full size pics soon.  First there is the matter of a dresser mirror.  And I do need to finish those curtains.  Of course, I should take them down so that when she is sleeping, I can actually work on them.  Details.

Have a good weekend, my friends!



Love!!! I can't wait to see the full reveal!


it's looking very sweet and just perfect for that doll-baby Ms. A!


Oh, what a sweet little room you are coming up with! I really love it!


Sooo cute! The dresser looks fantastic! And I'm itching to see the rest of that painting...


I love the use of more "grown up" patterns in bright colours. What a pretty room!


Awesome job! I had a dresser that colour as a kid. The drawers were much smaller. I love teh monograms, especially on the pillow. Can't wait to see it all!


i love pink and yellow !


Five months - can she be that old already! It seems like you just had her. The room is lovely. You've got a good eye.


The vintage sheets are perfect, just perfect, for a nursery.


the sneak peaks are just gorgeous! I can't wait to see more.

I came over here today via Grace at Uncommon Grace and I'm so pleased I did!!


Can't wait to see the rest! I love the colors and fabrics you have used.


Wow, I love those fabrics and colors you used!

Erika Mulvenna

Very sweet! I love the colors, and can't wait to see more!


May I ask where the curtain fabric came from? I'd love to get some - it's such a vibrant cheery pattern! Thanks for your help!


chris carleton

Rebecca, thanks!  They are from Heather Baileys Pop Garden collection.  I bought mine directly from her site a long time ago, but it looks like there are some others out there with discounted pricing.  The yellow is very cheery, but there are other colorways as well.  So glad you like it.  xo  



I came across your blog this morning and fell in love~ fabulous and incredibly inspiring! As a mom of four boys I am *loving* all of your prettiness~

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