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Well that was a longer-than-intended blog break. 

sooo close.

The pink nursery dresser is awesome and basking in its new-found russet-pink glory.  It's been done now for over a week.  However, it is still in the garage because the giant dresser that is currently in the room needs to come out and go somewhere.  Any of my local friends need a huge mission style dresser with 8 drawers?  I'm totally serious.  We don't have a vehicle that can haul it, so you might have to get creative.  But you all are good at that.  ;)

Remember in that photo last week, of the top of my kitchen cabinets with the white pumpkin and the witch silhouette?  I decided it needed More Fall, so I also replaced the contents of glass containers (from lemons and shells) and threw in some sticks from the yard.  Know what?  Five minutes later it totally looked festive.  Go.  Go get some sticks.  And say 'totally festive.'


Next up?  You all have got to try roasting plums.  Oh My Goodness.  Yes, the recipe is on its way. 



Sarah Jackson

I love that black owl - so so cute!! I can't wait to see the finished room. I'd be all over that dresser if I didn't live way too far away.


Thank you Sarah! A friend of mine gave me that (actually, very dark brown) owl a few months ago and I have it up year round.

(JQ? Where'd you get it, honey?)


Cute fall scenery! I am really dragging my heels getting out my Halloween stuffs. Part of my problem is it's up high and I don't feel like climbing a ladder. ;o)

Can't wait to see the whole dresser!

Building a new home

I love looking at those photos. Nice post!!!


That color pink is beautiful. It is a color your little one will grow with. It is a perfect choice.


If I had somewhere to put it, I could take that dresser off your hands....


Can't wait to see the whole dresser!! and any other tips (how-to's) you can leave on re-ferbing furniture like re-painting this dresser would be amazing! I love the way this pink thing is turing out.


Your kitchen looks so pretty and festive! Love the sticks idea. I also love the pink color you chose for the dresser. I bet you can't wait to get it in there!

Hope you are having a good Monday. xo

UK lass in US

I keep forgetting that it's Autumn (there's not much in the way of a reminder around here - even the trees haven't realised). Hmm, I'd better go off in search of sticks.

Karla Nathan

Very festive!


Totally festive is right. And your cabinets are beautiful! Are they cherry?

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