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Fun with Plums

Don't you love those easy recipes that look and taste like you spent forever in the kitchen? 

Here's another one to keep handy.  Roasted plums ...

fallish in the kitchen

If you receive MS Everyday Foods, you probably already saw the plum recipes in the September issue.  The day after I received my issue, I happened to see a bag of 12 ripe plums for $1 at the grocery store, so I thought experimentation was in order. 

As you may know, my girlfriends and I do Friday Morning Coffee every week.  Lately we have been trying new breakfast dishes and using each other as guinea pigs.  That's what good friends are for, right?  Plus, I had just-add-water blueberry muffins as backup.



They are now in heavy rotation.  Because you know what?  Oh my yum.


Yes, those are buttermilk biscuits.

sweet cream cheese

And cream cheese with sugar.

plum breakfast

And this is the deliciousness that you must try.  I made this dish three times before I even remembered to photograph it because I wanted to lick it off the plate right them.  Ahem. 

Here's the deal.

MSEF Roasted Plums (A la miss chris):

plums (one per serving)
brown sugar
lemon or orange zest, if you have one

Canned Biscuits
Cream cheese

Oven 400.
Half the plums, remove the pits.
Place the plums cut side down in a roasting dish or oven-safe skillet.
Put a pat of butter on top of each.
Sprinkle brown sugar over each.
If you have some, grate lemon or orange zest over the top.
Slam them in the over for 30 mins. 

But, set your timer for 18 or so...Because now you are going to throw some biscuits on a sheet and put them in with the plums for the last 12 minutes.  Genius!

Then grab some cream cheese and fold in some sugar to taste.  You might see if you have some whipped cream, too.  Just because everything tastes better with whipped cream.

When it's all done, drizzle some OJ over the plums and swirl it around a bit to create a little jus.  YUM.   Cut the biscuits in half, smear some cream cheese mixture on top, put a plum on each biscuit side.  Drizzle some of that yummy plum juice from the pan over each plate, for dipping and because it looks fancy.  Oh  my goodness.

Top with whipped cream if you feel like it.  I do.

stick 'em up

Well that was a longer-than-intended blog break. 

sooo close.

The pink nursery dresser is awesome and basking in its new-found russet-pink glory.  It's been done now for over a week.  However, it is still in the garage because the giant dresser that is currently in the room needs to come out and go somewhere.  Any of my local friends need a huge mission style dresser with 8 drawers?  I'm totally serious.  We don't have a vehicle that can haul it, so you might have to get creative.  But you all are good at that.  ;)

Remember in that photo last week, of the top of my kitchen cabinets with the white pumpkin and the witch silhouette?  I decided it needed More Fall, so I also replaced the contents of glass containers (from lemons and shells) and threw in some sticks from the yard.  Know what?  Five minutes later it totally looked festive.  Go.  Go get some sticks.  And say 'totally festive.'


Next up?  You all have got to try roasting plums.  Oh My Goodness.  Yes, the recipe is on its way. 


hello fall

It's here.  Really, really, here.  After a mild summer that kept me wondering when the supreme midwestern humidity and heat would come back any minute, fall has arrived with its crisp mornings and glowy afternoons... the kicking on of the furnace in the morning for a few minutes to get the chill out of the air... It's got me thinking about pumpkin recipes and roasting acorn squash with brown sugar just because.

it's turning fall

I'm off to Friday Morning Coffee in a little while.  This is a weekly morning coffee and playdate with a few friends of mine.  We rotate houses, but there is always a hot pot of coffee, something yummy to eat, kids running amok, and a full morning of laughter.  It's such an institution around here that our little ones depend on it and always want to know what day it is and where we are going.

it's turning fall

So today I have a crisp fall morning with cobalt blue skies and the promise of a cozy coffee morning with some of my very best friends and their kiddos.  What could be better than that?  I count myself one lucky gal.


What is making you feel blessed these days?