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Running short on time today... babygirl sleeps really well at night, but it translates to very short naps during the day.


for huff's baby girl. vintage sheets + HB fabric

Here is an almost-full shot of the baby blanket I made for a friend of mine who is a couple weeks away from being a first time mama.  I used a combination of vintage sheeting (the pink stripes), and some stash fabric (from Heather Bailey's Pineapple Brocade to stock quilter's cotton; the blue has polka dots).  I trimmed it with a dotted pink minky left over from Figet's nursery bedding, made three years ago.

I loved the combination so much that I think I'm going to use that yellow for curtain's in the new nursery.  I'm not kidding.  I have about 10 yards of it that I bought for another project that will never happen and I think it would look smashing as full-length curtains.  Anyone think I'm nuts?

and a matching onesie

I also made a matching onesie for the babe.  This little newborn onesie was worn by by my own babygirl once or twice and I was getting ready to put it in the goodwill pile.  Ten minutes and a little heat-n-bond later, I had part deux of the baby gift.  Voila. 

I'm making more of these.

That's a promise.  And a warning.  I do have a bagillion baby gifts to make, after all.  :) 




VERY NICE thanks for the idea

Sarah Jackson

Really adorable, Chris. I think that fabric would be amazing for curtains.


Love the fabrics and absolutely love the onesie idea!! Very pretty indeed :)


that is super cute, chris!
and yes, use that fabric for the curtains. i think they'd look great.


Those pink stripes are nice. I love the colors!

mary -the calico cottage




A colorful quilt -- what could be better! WITH a little onesie!

I think the curtain idea is fantastic. Go for it, and then show us!


Not nuts at all...happy colors for a happy baby!


I think the fabric for curtains would be stunning!!


Is bagillion a real word? I think I'm going to adopt it, even if it isn't. ;o)

I love Heather Bailey. I say go for it!


You should SO make curtains! It will look fab! I love bold curtains :-)
REALLY great quilt, and onesie too - baby girl will love it!


So, so cute! And I love the way you did that applique!


I love these. I wished I could learn to make those onesies.

hair accessories

I love the baby blanket's color combination specially paired with the onesie's cute design.


So adorable!

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