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She's a great vintage

So my sister's birthday party was this weekend.

Last year I made her some comfy pjs from vintage sheeting, and I know she likes unique handmade items, so I couldn't exactly let her down.

birthday gifts for sis

Don't worry, I didn't whip up anything too special.  But she did like it a lot, and it's one of those fast + easy gifts you can really have fun with. 


I bought a bottle of wine (and made sure I liked the bottle top cover -- it didn't have any writing on it to distract), soaked and scraped off the front label, and then replaced it with a personalized one.  I told you it was fast + easy. 

{ As for the 'Chexican' part... My gorgeous, olive-skinned, raven-haired sister has been mistaken for many a nationality over the years and she embraced it a long time ago.  Her friends threw her a Chinese Fiesta party, complete with egg rolls, layered nacho dip, taquitos and fortune cookies.  It's all in good fun. }

I also made her six napkins, just because.  Everyone should have lots of fun napkins at their disposal.

birthday gifts for sis

Happy Monday, blogworld!  xoxo


PS: Sparkle Power is hosting a great giveaway.  ;)



Happy Monday to you! Home made gifts are far more special, especially when that fun. You'd never go wrong with wine for me!


Happy Monday to you, too!


I really want to meet your sister some day. :) Great gift.
Happy Monday. And kisses to aCe.


What a cool ideas you have! Lucky sister. Happy Monday back at you.


What a great sister!


What wonderful gifts. I love napkins, they just make me so very happy!

aunt fashionista

I have the best sister!!!


I remember those pj's on your blog! I bought the pattern but have only got so far as the shorts. I wish I had a sister who would sew for me! Lucky girl.

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