news from new baby land
hello hello!

getting back into things. Step one.

I am so ready to get back into the swing of things around here!  Naps are becoming something I can depend on and I'm busy making lists already.

sewing again

First, though, I need to take care of the pile of past-due projects on my sewing table.

Like the JUNE quilt square for Sarah, who asked for "whatever." 

for Sarah

And the AUGUST square for Kate, who asked for a scrappy log cabin.


I love getting my quilt square fabric in the mail each month.  It's a little like Christmas.  Plus, I think you can see each of the quilters in their fabric choices.  Even if these came without a nice little note attached, I'm pretty sure I could guess who sent it. 

August square

September is my month, and I've got my stacks ready to go.  My plan is to get them in the mail on Friday... can you guess what kind of fabric I'm using?  :)

Okay, off to the dentist. Joy.


Sarah Jackson

*claps hands* yay!! I'm behind on mine - that's my task over labor day weekend. Get caught up.

glad to see you're getting some quality time during naps. good stuff.


Love both blocks... so varied but equally pretty :)


I'm gonna guess thrifted pillowcase/sheet? Those are lovely, Chris. Yay for reliable naps! Good job, ACE!


hooray for sewing. yay!


Yippee! glad to see you back! Hope you and the family are well!


Awww, glad to see you're back. And you've been so busy, too!
My hubby and son are going to the PSU game on Saturday and I think I'm going to sew all day. Weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!
mary-the calico cottage


oh, i love, love those blocks. so exciting. yes, i agree vintage sheets. pink and yellows...can't wait to see if i am right.


I agree - pink will be in there somewhere.


i would be beyond thrilled to get those in the mail! glad you are getting back into the rhythm of things. or at least glad the wee one is napping on a regular schedule!


There is a season and time for everything - but a sleeping baby makes for a happy mommy at my home!


Great squares-I'm looking forward to your fabric!


Hooray! I'm glad you're finding your routine again. Craftiness = sanity


Just wanted to let you know that I left a "one lovely blog" award for you on my blog. Enjoy your weekend, hopefully it will be filled with a lot of sewing. :)

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