the nursery dresser
She's a great vintage

dresser + thrift scores + a typepad grumble

I am taking a break from the sanding and cleaning of the dresser to say hello.  I got some patching that is drying before the final sand and then it is prime-time.

Which reminds me, some of you commented on my last post with suggestions for priming over previously finished pieces, and I so appreciate that!  I have always used a product called Zinsser 1-2-3 for glossy surfaces and have had luck painting over varnished wood trim and furniture with little to no sanding, and it is great.  But it is nice to know there are other products out there as well.  (Have you been putting off painting some furniture because of the sanding commitment?  Now you know you don't have to.  This primer is sold at local hardware stores and works like a charm.)

vintage bag, $2 

(vintage evening purse, $2)

That said, I am sanding because the previous owners had also painted the dresser, and I just want to go over the areas where their job had worn.  And patch the few gauges that are here and there.  I'm not using a machine palm sander or anything -- just those sponge sand blocks that last forever and I happen to have lying around. 

more good luck at jkv

( wool dress coat with 3/4 sleeves and gorgeous oversized buttons and fur collar, $12)

Can you tell I've been getting back out to the thrift stores?  Other than the dresser and lots of pillowcases and sheets, I've been lucky enough to pick up a few other things.  That black purse might see an evening out or two this winter, if I'm lucky.  And that gorgeous blue wool coat?  I picked it up for Lori, who asked me to keep an eye out for her a year ago.  $12!  Score!


The other thing I haven't addressed yet is how typepad is now handling comments.  I cannot tell you how frustrating it is to me.  Until la bebe, I was pretty good about getting back and replying, but I'm sure you know by now either personally or from all the griping on the interweb that typepad has made this pretty cumbersome.  I will reply directly to questions by email, but please be patient with this momma.  Sometimes it takes me days to just compose a post... but I do want you to know that I value each and every comment.  You make me feel special, so thanks.  xo


Babygirl gives you each a thumbs up.



okay, now I really feel bad - you have a baby and are sanding and painting and me - I'm living with all of my bedroom furniture in the middle of the room so that I have to climb over everything just to get in and out of bed - and for how long --- 2 weeks! and I still haven't spackled or sanded a darn wall! I feel very very guilty about that now. But since baby gave me a thumbs up - I'll just put it off for another day...or two. :O)


Thumbs up right back!


AM 'likes this'? She must be on FB! Great to hear you're thrifting again. It's like a big pieceof you was on hold!


Argh, I can't stand the way typepad handles comments now, it sucks!!


I have many grumbles about Typepad, but I'm on it so infrequently that I cannot even begin to express them. Mainly it just seems too hard sometimes.

LOVE all of your thrifty finds. So beautiful. And what an amazing dresser!


I found your blog a few months ago and I just ARODRE it! I get so excited when safari alerts me that you have a new post... Thanks for all the inspiration.

-Steph from Santa Barbara

Alicia A.

Right back atcha, Babygirl.

N is now on cold #2. I swear we will meet you soon, tiny one.

Nathalie Thompson

FABULOUS vintage thrift finds!!!
You are a gal after my own thrifty, vintage-y heart.

And Miss Sparklepants' thumb is adorable. :)

Joanne (The Simple Wife)

Ah vintage loveliness! Some day, some day...


P.S. And I have the same grumble. I know I can click on the person's email address to respond, but it doesn't look pretty when you do that. And it took me a while to realize what I thought was sending to them was actually posting in the comments.


I just found your blog and have spent the better part of an afternoon soaking in its loveliness! I'm pretty sure you must be the goddess of Thrift; you have such great finds :)


Love that coat! I found a few great sweaters to felt and a beautiful Talbot's wool blazer for less than $1.00 each. Keep sending that thrifting karma my way!


Had to come back to this post to try and find the primer you used. I have a free crib to paint for baby boy! Yellow, I think. Thank you so much for the info. I am tired of waiting for my sweetheart to strip the rest of the varnish off:) Must be nesting.

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