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getting back into things. Step one.

news from new baby land

I really miss this space and connecting with readers and friends.  I miss stopping by all of the inspiring  creative blogs that were part of my daily coffee.  But things are going well and starting to feel more normal around here.

First of all, my dear friend Lori from Laeroport stopped by not long ago and we had the best day.  You'll have to read her account of it, though, because she took photos of all the goodies she brought for my girls and she is uber-talented with a needle.  And brave!  She even appliqued a tank top for my very particular 13 year old, who happened to love it.  Impressive, no?  Thank you again, Lori.  (She also brought along her daughter, Aidin, who is just about the sweetest girl ever.  And tidiest.  I think the playroom was cleaner when she left than when they got here.)

7.5 weeks

The snuggling continues.  Does this little girl ever like her snuggle.


She is still very fussy (hee.  I just wrote 'fuzzy' and she is that, too.) but is thankfully sleeping fairly well at night.  That is, she wakes, eats, and goes right back to sleep.  After two nightowls that required walking around in the pitch dark and singing showtunes at 2am, this is a welcome change.  

The flip side of this awesome scenario is that we are not napping much during the day.  And lo, productivity around here (aside from milk, that is) has come to a screeching halt.

I'm totally in awe of those bloggers who have new babies and just keep on blogging and crafting and reading other blogs and commenting on them and keeping up with Facebook and Twitter and Oh. My. Heck.  Please.  Tell me, how do you do it?  

is there a special superhero cape I don't know about? 

I'm only kind of kidding.  i am attending to the matters of a master bathroom missing the final touches since last July and making plans to start the nursery soon after that.  Hopefully we will have photos of something other than Princess Poopypants (as she is affectionately known around here) very soon...

Excuse me.  Duty calls.  It's in the form of a 10 pound bundle of squirmy sweetness with a dirty diaper.  See?  I told you.

Have a happy week! 


amy h

I have decided that no one else really does it all with the new babies. It's just that we read all these blogs, and all these people end up adding up to one big uber-bloggy-mom with whom no real person could compete. :) I've already dropped the ball on the blogging and my babe isn't even here yet. I fully expect that to continue when she gets here. I've actually been thinking YOU'VE been accomplishing a lot!


Oh she's just precious!!! All that pink! And I absolutely expect everything to come to a complete stop when I have my first baby.


Oh my goodness! She's so cute! There's nothing better than a snuggly baby!

I have a hard time keeping up with blogging and crafting (crafting? what crafting?), too, and my two boys are 9 and almost 6. It's hard. And sometimes I love it and sometimes I don't. And when I'm not into it, I just don't turn on the computer.

Don't be so hard on your self. Enjoy snuggling that little dumpling!


She's just adorable. Enjoy it, don't worry, we'll all still be here.


She's so much older already! But still a doll. I'm glad the showtunes haven't been pulled out yet. Hopefully it stays that way!
Nice to hear from you! :)
- dana


Don't worry about posting. I am quite happy looking at photos of that little princess - even if she does have poopy pants!


Hey there - I miss you!


Your baby is gorgeous!

I love your blog! Everything has a's all good!


She's beautiful!


Mwwwah! to you all!
Showtunes: one of the cds you sent made it back to the car and is in heavy rotation, prompting us to watch The Sound of Music this week (it took 3 viewing sessions to get through it all!)
Aidin & Tidy: don't be fooled. She is only tidy under penalty of grounding at other people's houses. seriously. the girl is a slob in her natual habitat.
Little Miss ACE: how's the gas? better? i hope so! dang. she is just so darn cute.
Superpowers: should I stitch up a cape for you? because I think you're pretty super. :)


Ahh! I can't believe she's 2 months today! Wow. Can't get over how much this one looks like her beautiful Momma! xo


Awww, she is sooooo precious! Gorgeous! We miss you too! Enjoy all those snuggles and if you ever want a quick email chat feel free to send one my way!


You're so loved that a break is easily forgiven! It takes a little time to get back into the grind, but eventually life comes back together... just with a house that's never clean.


Aww...she's so precious and adorable!!

Your friend is really talented. I visited her blog to check out her account of that day. Looked like fun!

The Stitching Surgeon

i know what you mean about missing bloggy-land after baby...i have 5 month old boy/girl twins and i have been MIA from my blog for a while with only occasional posts here and no productivity or crafting to report. i feel very inadequate when i read some of the blogs on my blog roll of my bloggy friends who have recently had babies and have beautiful crafty projects they are reporting about or before/after pictures of every room in their house that they have redecorated. some days i am just happy to get a chance to check my email and blogroll (both of which I usually do while nursing - thank you blackberry!). things are starting to settle a little...but really...i don't see the type of productivity i used to have ever coming back...what did i used to do with all my time???


Awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww, she is beautiful.
Just have fun with everyone. I's such a special time.....


She is just fabulous. So adorable. I want one of those super capes,too, and I don't have a newborn.


i understand that you're super busy right now, so whenever you can respond back to this is fine...
what type of fabric did you use to make the setee slipcover?


She is beautiful, so sweet. Sounds like you have a bit of a routine going, glad she sleeps at night, maybe the napping will pick up. Enjoy that snuggling, crawling will come soon enough :)


She is so beautiful! Oh, I know I wasn't a super mom! When Kellie was born I was a complete mess! Jason went to school in his PJ's (how did I not see that?!), bought all the wrong school supplies. LEFT the baby at nursery school when I dropped off Ryan and didn't realize it until I got to the car (at least I hadn't driven away, right?) and I went home from the store with the baby but without the groceries and had to go back. So, if all of your kids are dressed and fed and are accounted for - you are doing better than I did! :O) I do miss you though. Have fun with that baby!

baby gifts

What a cute baby you have. I hope I'd be able to do what you can when my baby finally comes out. =)


Sweetie you are doing amazing! And that sweet thang your are holding couldn't get any cuter! Don't worry about not blogging...heck, I don't have a newbee and I still haven't managed to blog in a while! You rock! Miss you bunches!!


I love that you don't have time to blog. It makes me feel normal for all those times I had a newborn (a crabby,colicy one) and had no time to urinate, let alone blog.

Sleep and eat. The basics. See you when you get back!!
(She is a doll by the way!)

The Prudent Homemaker

A computer chair with ARMS so that you can nurse while blogging . . . .

no answers on the sewing, though. I'm trying to get a bunch done before the next baby comes.

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