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one month later. totally random thoughts.

How a tiny little bundle of pink can turn a household upside down!  I'm writing this while my sweet littlest daughter is asleep on the couch, exhausted from a day of gassiness.  (note to self: no more chinese food.)  We're up three pounds already, and holding our head pretty steady.   She doesn't mind being on the floor, which is so strange to me because my other two had terrible reflux and 'flat' was not a happy place.  

She snuggles.  Oh the snuggling. This baby knows what a snuggle is all about. And she sleeps so very soundly, hardly moving or shifting at all.  Content.  That's what my mom called her.  She's right.

When not fighting the gas, this little bug is such a sweet and mellow baby.  She can sleep for long stretches, too... on more than one occasion she has given momma a 5-hour break at night.  Around week two, gas set in, and her tummy seems to wake her more than anything.  I cut dairy out of my diet last week, and it seems to make a slight difference.  { Although today can certainly not be blamed on dairy and it was one for the baby book.  ahem. }

I look forward to this initial bout of fussiness wearing off.  When it does, I have no doubt this little girl will be able to relax and enjoy herself a bit more.   We're all in love and can't imagine life without her already...

saved from the trimming pile

I'm adjusting once again to that loss of personal time, as well as the lack of anything that resembles a schedule.  Carving out some time to craft is tricky, but I did happen to put together a baby blanket for the latest craft hope project.  Photos forthcoming... it seems that I haven't got my photo-download-upload-blogging rhythm back yet.

The other thing about all this time spent walking around with a baby on my shoulder is that I have lots of time to think.  I have some rather exciting ideas bouncing around inside my sleep-deprived head.  Maybe just putting this out there will be enough for me to act on them... stay tuned.


ps: THANK YOU for all of the sweet baby wishes.  I certainly have read and enjoyed each and every comment.  You all know how to make a girl feel special.  I mean it.  xoxo



Welcome back! (somewhat :) ) It's always good to see a blog post pop up from Pink Picket Fence. One of my favs to read.

Sorry for the gasiness. UGH. I really hate the uncertainty factor of the first few months (as we've discussed before). But wow, I'm SO happy to that (when she's not gassy) she is such a content baby! That is a dream for you. You deserve it after too harder babies before. I hope things mellow down a bit and that your schedule comes back to life in the future. I agree....that's one of the hardest thing. No ability to set a routine yet (or count on a designated few hours of naptime at a certain time each day).
It will get better real soon!
Beautiful pictures as always.


i miss that lovely snuggling, i envy you that and all the lovely babiness, but not the gas :) hopefully that will pass, no punn intended soon ;) glad you are peeking out and getting a bit of routine back. enjoy those nap!


Man it goes fast.
I hope you are enjoying every minute of your precious, unscheduled, no tele-commuting, plenty of snuggling time.

I'm itching to make a visit. Maybe the first week of August?


I love a snuggly baby. Such a precious time. I am intrigued about your ideas.


She's already got great gams! Beautiful flowers, is the vase a thrift find or a grandma treasure?


What cute little legs!
I am so glad to see you posting. I just added you to my list of blogs-I-check-daily and then you were gone. I was a little worried. Like I said, glad to see you back.
Mmmmm, that new baby smell. Snuggly wonderful goodness. Jealous. It is chaotic, but isn't it grand?! Best wishes to the whole family.
Anxious to hear about your new ideas!


i've missed this place. i hope to visit more often. the photos of your precious new bundle should be my motivation. hugs mama.

xoxo jen


congrats on your precious sweetie!!

I was going to suggest trying no-dairy and then, I read you ARE trying that. Take heart ~ it can take 2 weeks for all traces of dairy protein to leave your system

blanket is just lovely, too

dani@little fists

My first born was a gassy little thing as well. I found that the culprit was often times onions. When I cut out the onions his gas was suddenly not so bothersome.

Reading this made me get that "itch". The itch for a little creature that smells like heaven, makes sounds that can't be replicated, and is pure love. Oh. I miss it.

I know you are and will continue to do so, but cherish it. Each and every fussy second.


Beautiful baby... Beautiful shots!

My fourth was gassy and colicy. Ugh. I feel for you.

Enjoy the sweet little bundle!


I just found your blog (through Dana-Made-It) before you delivered your latest bub! So I was a bit sad to know you wouldn't be around for a while. Glad to see the odd post has started to pop up! I'm due to have my second in 8weeks and I'm starting to freak (all the memories of the first are flooding back, in a glass is half full kinda way!) it was nice to read your positive, yet realistic post (and that you managed to do some crafting!). It actually reminded me that my first time round was a lot like that. Ups and downs but generally a wonderful time. Life does return to normal, and so quickly! Thanks for the pick me up!

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