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because Hope is worth it

Princess McGassypants is making things tricky around here.  It's hard to carve out enough time to craft, let alone take pictures and blog about it.  You know the drill.  Feed baby.  Rock baby.  Make the super-gentle transfer to a cozy spot for a quick nap.  Cross fingers and let go.  Tip-toe across the room, hoping to squeeze in a teeth-brushing, and maybe - MAYBE - a shower.  And toss in a load of freshly pooped-on stuff.  (It's all worth it, of course, and life WILL return to normal.  I'm just sayin'.  It's tricky to be all craft-blogger these days.)

But some things are even more important than showering and doing the laundry.  Like the difference craft hope, the little craft-for-a-cause brainchild of my dear friend jade, is making all over the world. 

for a craft hope baby somewhere on the other side of the world...

This little baby blanket will be off to a needy newborn in India before long.   I still haven't made a thing for my own little newborn (unless breastmilk counts, ha), but this was something I really wanted to do.  My own children are so fortunate, so comfortable and so loved... my heart couldn't help but break for the tiny babies in India.  It's a small contribution, but I know it will make a difference.

Please take a few minutes to read Eren's account of the doll deliveryto the Casa Bernabe orphanage in Nicaragua. I cannot convey how amazing it feels to know that the first little doll I made is making some little girl happy, somewhere so far away.  Even if you don't have enough time to read Eren's amazing trip report, take a moment to see the beautiful photos.  Craft Hope is making a difference.  It's such a privilege to be part of it. 

Here's the thing.  You don't need a blog to participate.  You don't need to be an accomplished crafter.  You don't need to spend a lot of money.  It doesn't even take that much time.  Just sign up and send in your project donation.  There is no long term commitment (but you'll want to join the cause again and again).  I'm just saying, if a mom with a newborn and two other kids can squeeze in a little time, it isn't impossible.  I'll let you know about the next sign-up and maybe you can join in, too.  You know you want to...  

And honestly, it's crazy how much it fills you up.  You might be making a difference for someone far away, but I'm pretty sure you'll notice a difference a little closer to home, too.  Crafting Hope feeds your soul.  xoxo

{ blanket details, for those of you who are curious: It's a thrifted vintage sheet on one side, and reused pink flannel gingham baby blanket on the other.  Both sides are so soft.  No batting, but it is quilted together to keep its form.  It's bound with simple white bias tape and only about 30" square.} 

Ok, now it's shower time.

one month later. totally random thoughts.

How a tiny little bundle of pink can turn a household upside down!  I'm writing this while my sweet littlest daughter is asleep on the couch, exhausted from a day of gassiness.  (note to self: no more chinese food.)  We're up three pounds already, and holding our head pretty steady.   She doesn't mind being on the floor, which is so strange to me because my other two had terrible reflux and 'flat' was not a happy place.  

She snuggles.  Oh the snuggling. This baby knows what a snuggle is all about. And she sleeps so very soundly, hardly moving or shifting at all.  Content.  That's what my mom called her.  She's right.

When not fighting the gas, this little bug is such a sweet and mellow baby.  She can sleep for long stretches, too... on more than one occasion she has given momma a 5-hour break at night.  Around week two, gas set in, and her tummy seems to wake her more than anything.  I cut dairy out of my diet last week, and it seems to make a slight difference.  { Although today can certainly not be blamed on dairy and it was one for the baby book.  ahem. }

I look forward to this initial bout of fussiness wearing off.  When it does, I have no doubt this little girl will be able to relax and enjoy herself a bit more.   We're all in love and can't imagine life without her already...

saved from the trimming pile

I'm adjusting once again to that loss of personal time, as well as the lack of anything that resembles a schedule.  Carving out some time to craft is tricky, but I did happen to put together a baby blanket for the latest craft hope project.  Photos forthcoming... it seems that I haven't got my photo-download-upload-blogging rhythm back yet.

The other thing about all this time spent walking around with a baby on my shoulder is that I have lots of time to think.  I have some rather exciting ideas bouncing around inside my sleep-deprived head.  Maybe just putting this out there will be enough for me to act on them... stay tuned.


ps: THANK YOU for all of the sweet baby wishes.  I certainly have read and enjoyed each and every comment.  You all know how to make a girl feel special.  I mean it.  xoxo