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It's a GIRL!

Ms. Andrea's Apron

I'm terribly late with this apron.  It's for one of the teachers at Fidget's preschool who got married in April.  APRIL.  I'm not exactly setting records with this one, am I?  She likes green.

wedding gift for andrea

(You'll forgive me for not re-ironing this before I shot it, right?  Because you're sweet.  You are.)

I decided to go with dupioni silk for the tie.  I've had this brown in my stash forever.  I love the texture.   Kind of makes it fancy.  Yes, it's washable.  And pre-washed, too, so it won't shrink or pucker.

silk makes it fancy.

My favorite part is this little vintage button on top of the brown ribbon:

I was being lazy and didn't change the thread for the brown, but I love the way it turned out instead.

Also, the topstitching on the pocket ribbon.  I was too lazy to switch out the blue thread, but ended up really liking the effect.  (Even if my stitches aren't 100% straight.)  Don't you love it when that happens?

I hope she likes it.  She is insanely sweet so I'll never know for sure.


Things may come to an abrupt halt sooner than expected around here.  We were timing contractions Thursday night, but things seem to have calmed down a bit.  For now... 



It's gorgeous - the silk really is very classy.

And timing! Soon, then.


That's a beautiful apron. I especially love your details - the silk and the button. Oh, and that blue on the ribbon is perfect!


The apron is beautiful! I love the silk. What a wonderful gift. Best wishes with the delivery of the new baby!


Iron? Who irons? The apron is perfect.


Beautiful choice of fabrics, I really really like it and especially the tie! Can't wait to see a picture pretty soon of your new little spud :))

amy h

I love seeing the stitches on that ribbon. Very cute.

I hope you don't have to deal with too many days of contractions before the real thing! Well, any contraction is the real thing, but you know what I mean. :)


Beautiful, just beautiful. The silk adds a nice touch...


It's adorable. Love the color scheme. And love to see that you're still sewing! Is the baby going to pop any day now?


Gorgeous! I love the background print.

dani@little fists

That apron is too cute for words. That alone is worth getting married for.

Good luck with the contractions. I had them for a week straight before the second one decided to make her grand entry.

aunt fashionista

I love that apron! Good fabric choices sis!! Love you


I love it. I have an old dupioni silk bridesmaid dress that my need to become and apron tie:)


Adorable apron! I just love the colors. Baby watch is so very exciting. Good luck and I can't wait to meet the new addition!


cute cute cute! Good luck with the new baby....looking forward to seeing the pictures! Take care of yourself :)


That apron is stunning! Best wishes on the birth of your new little one!

Lisa Clarke

Oh, I love that! The colors are fabulous, and all of the little details - lovely!

Best wishes with the contractions and all that follows :-)


my goodness -- with aprons like these, who needs skirts?

what fabric did you use?

UK lass in US

It's beautiful.

Good luck and best wishes.

squirt mcgurt

love it. i have some of that same fabric and i always use colored thread on stuff ( me and straight lines arent exactly friends either).
im having a baby also .. been feeling contractions as well


That last little bit was the exciting part! Can't wait to hear!


She will surely love it!! It's very very nice! and the blue stitches create a beatiful contrast effect!


that is just gorgeous! i would never take it off!


That is beautiful - I would wear it all the time - and I don't think it would matter if she were insanely sweet or not, she'll love it!
Keep us posted on the impending arrival!

Duck Duck Moose Design

I want one of these! It is so beautiful. I have one from Anthropologie, but this one is prettier.


Did you use a pattern for making your aprons? I want to make some, and I'm not sure where to start. I know with the your new little one, your response may not be soon, but I'm in no rush to start this, I mean I do have a thousand other things I'm supposed to be doing!

Jeanne Marie Brumfield

I happened upon this blog by accident, but I'm happy I did- I love, love the apron- but first thought it was a skirt!! I think it would be an awesome skirt- see that we can pick up ideas from each other. Anyway, congrats on your new "sweet, SWEET" arrival- she is just scrumptious- I miss that stage with my own little ones. God bless you- whoever you are. You really have some cute projects that you have done.

Jeanne Marie Brumfield

Wellllllll, probably not related to Theresa- I'm in Louisiana, near New Orleans and I guess she's near you. Most of my family, and my husband's originated right around here- as far as I know.

I don't guess you could tell me what pattern you used to do your apron? I guess I could just make one myself, I'd like to make a skirt for my 4yr. old, who is just a riot. She is "Miss Priss" for sure. "Mommy can I have lip gloss," this is a request I already hear often, if you can believe it! I'm on Facebook, and have an album called "Miss Priss," OK I'm just a bit tickled that she's mine! I wish I could post one of my favs so you could see. Well, thanks for the reply- pleasant surprise, and have a wonderful day!!

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