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one month later. totally random thoughts.

It's a GIRL!

< whisper > hi.


yes, we had a baby a week ago today.  she's all pink and soft and full of funny little baby sounds and squeaks.  she's the tiniest of my three girls, still not up to 7 lbs yet, but she's nursing well and putting on weight.

and, oh, the faces this sweet girl makes.


she may never know what it is like to be put down... right now my mom is staying with me, my thirteen year old is on summer vacation, and Fidget is always angling for her turn as well.  Poor daddy hardly gets a chance.  that's what happens when a bundle of pure sweetness drops into your life.

I can't very well blog if I'm snuggling this all day.

She is nursing a lot during the day.  a LOT.  which is fine by me because she is taking big breaks from it at night and I'm actually getting more sleep than I ever expected at this point.  so we are all happy and pink and constantly saying things like 'she's just so CUTE' and 'OMG, I LOVE her' and 'we're so blessed!'

so you'll forgive me if the updates are slow around here, right?  or maybe it will just be pictures for a while.  unless you object, of course.  can you handle the cute?? 

</ whisper >



Aww, congratulations! What a sweet gift of summer! ~Jenny

Joanne (The Simple Wife)

Nope, no objections here!

She's such a sweet little baby dolly! Name?

Congratulations, sweet friend. Give her a little kiss on the head from all the way in Denver...



Congratulations! She's just beautiful!


Truly blessed are you and your family. Enjoy this time. And thank you for sharing your bundle of cuteness with us all!


Congratulations! She is beautiful!


She's just perfect, Chris. I know that my babies rarely knew what it was like to be put down. Joe would have to fight me for them.

Enjoy her.

Lisa Clarke

She is just too precious! Congratulations!


oh she is just perfect! :)


congratulations!! these photos are bringing tears to my eyes! she's absolutely beautiful!


congrats!!! she is so cute. so. cute. !!!

hope that you are feeling well physically. :)


Oh, Chris. There she is! So beautiful. Thank you for letting us take a peek at her sweetness!




How precious! Congratulations!! She is beautiful!!!


Congratulations!! She's adorable!


Oh how sweet! Congratulations!


Oh Yay! Congratulations! She's a doll. :)


Congratulations!! She is just adorable.

Ruth Smith

Sweetness. Pure sweetness.


OM goodness!! It's raining baby girls. Absolutely scrumptious ... just lookin' at her makes my lips pucker! Kisses!


what a sweet bundle of precious goodness. congrats to you. try to rest when you can.

Ulla V.

Lots of congratulations to you and your family - she is absolutely beautiful. She looks so soft...
I hope you are doing fine after giving birth to such a little micracle.


Oh Chris, she is perfection. Congratulations.


Congratulations! She is beautiful.


She is beautiful. Congratulations!


Oh Chris, she's a doll!


pink and squishy is the best!!!!


A bundle of pure sweetness, indeed! Congratulations, she's beautiful!


That once face is great, Chris! with all of them being oh so sweet!


Oh my, she is darling. Congratulations Mama! Enjoy your babymoon :)


Oh Congratulations! She is gorgeous.

I love those baby expressions - so fleeting, so precious.


Congratulations!!! What a sweet little girl :)

amy h

I love those little scowly faces. :) I hope she keeps up the day nursing -- that's awesome! I'm just hoping my third nurses at all. I'm not up for the drama again.

I'm glad you all are enjoying her. She does look like the sweetest little thing.


oh MY! She's a doll. What a sweet little face.
congrats and I'm glad the nights aren't so horrible right now. I hope she keeps up the good demeanor!


Congrats...she is so cute and she looks so peaceful.


Aw so cute!!! see ya next week.


Oh my goodness gracious! She is pure pink perfection, and although I swear I am done having babies, I am almost feeling the itch for one more just to see such a sweet little face like the one you have! Enjoy that little bundle!

melissa s.

she's beautiful! congrats!!!


she is absolutley beautiful, of course!! Michelle had been keeping me updated. I'm so glad you are all doing well. Squeeze her once for me!


She is adorable! I just wanna take a deep sniff of her sweet head. Baby heads always smell so sweet.

Congrats, my friend. She is a beauty.

UK lass in US

Congratulations! What a beauty - especially for a newborn (my kids looked like blotchy wrinkled old men at that age).

Please don't go too overboard on the cute. I don't want to find myself having any stupid ideas about adding to my brood...


CONGRATULATIONS!! She is Beautiful!!


Yipee! Congratulations on your precious gift. She is beautiful!


Her sweetness actually brings a tear to my eye. Congratulations and enjoy!

heather smith jones

oh chris, she is so amazingly beautiful!!! congrats to you and your whole sweet family!


I'm so glad to hear that she is here. Congratulations to you all. Please do keep us in pictures - who could resist that sweet face.



pretty momma

and this sweet baby is so much more perfect and beautiful in person,i promise it IS possible.


3 girls! You are so lucky. She's a doll!!
Rest up Mama and enjoy!

on-hand modern

swooooooon! so happy for you.


Congratulations on the new addition to your family. She is beautiful!


Congratulations - there is nothing better than a newborn sleeping on your chest.

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