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Mother's Day Pjs

Hello!  I just up and left you last week, didn't I?  Took a quick trip out to Arizona with hubs for a long weekend of sitting by the pool and taking naps whenever I felt like it.  Sound like heaven?  Oh, it was.  My in-laws came up to watch the girls, and now my mom is here helping me while my partner in crime stayed behind to play some golf this week.

tunic from Simplicity 9505

They're both so deserving of something special on Mother's Day.  Naturally, last week I was busy scurrying about getting some gifts ready. Enter the vintage sheet pj set.  Not original, I know.  (I gave my sister I set for her birthday last September)  But, be honest, who can resist soft comfy pjs?  (Simplicity 9505 for tops and bottoms)

This first set was for my Mother in law -- a tunic style top with her pj pants.  I loved how the wild floral sheet contrasted with the delicate white and green pillowcase print.   I didn't get to see these on her, but she left a note saying they were comfy... I guess it fit ok.

contrast at cuffs

My mom got a more muted pink and gold palette, along with a babydoll-esque top with cap sleeves. Her top was cut from the gold sheet and has a band of pink around the bottom, and the pants, pink with a band of gold around the hem.  

pjs are not easy to shoot.

She's been wearing them this week and they look so comfy.

contrast at hem.

The thing about pjs is they don't really photograph well.  They sort of lie there like a crumpled heap on the bed or droop from a hanger.  I also finished these late on Thursday night, so the lighting was very, very poor.  I'm sorry there aren't any good quality shots; however, I'm going to guess you all have a pretty good idea what nightwear looks like, so that's ok.  ;)



They're beautiful!
I just came from a yard sale and they had a little pile of sheets, some still in the pkg. I must admit, you have me considering the idea of trying to make some pj's. They look soooo comfy and soft.
Very thoughtful gift.


they do look comfy - and very pretty.


What pretty fabric. I'm so glad you had a good time on your trip.


I totally still remember the set you made for your sister...put them on my to-do list. I love everything about the new ones too...such beautiful colors.


I've made a few myself. Those are beautiful.


those are just lovely chris! just wanted you to know i linked to you today in my blog post. xoxo


Nice PJs. I am so happy when I see sewing bloggers use patterns! It seems like I see so many that don't that I just can't relate to them. :)


I love the soft color pallette! They're beautiful!


oh, they look so cozy. that is so great you took a little vacation, nad now your mom is there to help you. sounds like heaven.


Those are GORGEOUS. Makes me want to make some pjs...I'll just add that to my list of a million projects that I never seem to get to work on lately. grrr. GREAT fabric choices.


no quality photos? I guess it's all subjective because I think these are stunning. Are you sure those are pj's made from old sheets? They look like fine silk nightwear!


They are terrific. Did you post a a "how to" and I missed it? I remember the bottoms but about the top, I don't remember. I am sure they were a big hit.


The look beautiful and comfortable! Since I've determined that I can't wear sheets outside the house, I think I need to explore this option...

Kim D.

Seriously, the sheet idea for PJ's is excellent. Today there are some yard sales going on, I think I need to take a peak and see what I can find.

However, thsoe sheets are beautiful.


They look so comfy and I just adorable the sheet patterns! Wonderful.


Those jammies are perfect!!! I just love the sheets that you find. You make beautiful things with them. Hope you had a good weekend!

Ashley H

Oh...they look SO soft!


I am finding your sewing projects so inspiring! I haven't done much sewing for years, but am finding all sorts of projects to work on with my new airstream, Mabel. While I am only doing simple duvets right now, your pjs/quilts/pretty much everything else makes me want to do more! Thank goodness my handsome husband bought me a new sewing machine for my birthday...

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