keeping it simple
go-to dinner #2: spaghetti and salad

lovely time.

Hello.  I hope you had a wonderful holiday weekend. We did.

Sunday picnic

It was full of

  • visiting with friends
  • catching up on some reading
  • a picnic at the park
  • watercolors
  • a little nesting
  • some all-day pj time
  • freshly grilled burgers and strawberry spinach salad
  • naps
  • pink shoulders from the pool
  • more reading, napping
  • snuggles and giggles (and only a tantrum or two)
  • JiggleJam with daddy

It was good.  Really good.  Summer is here.  I can feel it.



sounds a lot like our weekend! the nesting has got my brain all scrambled with needing to move the kids around, picking out fabric for baby bedding, etc., etc., etc....


can I have one more day? Please?


Sigh. I want another day, too. Glad your weekend was swell!

Kay Snyder

Oh you got to go to the Jiggle Jam? I was thinking about it, guess I shoulda made up my mind, lol. The weekend was awesome glad yours was too!


Sounds like a nice weekend to me! :) Yummy too, hehe! :)


Hey Boo Boo, I love me a picnic basket! It's hard to find a nice wicker one. We have the folding cloth one [mentioned on my blog last year] and a back pack style.

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