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keeping it simple

So it's mid-May, and that means we're pretty much in the clear in Kansas City to plant outside and not worry too much about too-cold nights.

keeping it simple.

Last weekend I ran to the local nursery and picked up some beautiful geraniums for my back deck.  Our deck gets zero shade and it's elevated and I swear it gets to 115 degrees out there in the summer.  Clearly, we're fairly limited as to what we can put out there.  Usually I try to mix it up, but this year I am going all-red-geraniums in every pot and calling it done.  I'm fairly certain we can remember to water these easy-to-please plants nightly before bringing in the dog.


I have to be honest; I'm pretty tired and achy these days.  We've got about 4 weeks left until baby is here and I'm feeling every bit that far along.  My normal 200 mph daily speed has slipped considerably.  I'm still keeping up with housework and laundry and cooking and the kids, but at the end of the day there isn't much left. 

And this slower pace is oh-so-frustrating.  I'm in a funky mood because of it.  I'm frustrated with my inability to tackle everything and get stuff done.  And then I'm mad because the funk is obvious, and you know what happens when momma isn't feeling as happy as she should.  Everyone picks up on it and then it's just a household pandemic.  Crankiness abounds. 

Maybe this is a long way of saying I need to step back and readjust my expectations from here on in.  Maybe I shouldn't let my list stare at me the way it seems to.  Maybe I should exhale, put my feet up and read a little more.   Maybe I should accept that, yes, for a long while after this sweet baby is born, I won't be able to tackle all the projects that are swimming in my head.  But, no, that doesn't mean I have to get them all done now.

Yes, maybe that is it.  Maybe what I need is to simplify my lists, my expectations, and my attitude, just like the pots on my deck. 



I think that sounds like a wonderful plan. Kick those shoes off, put your feet up, and relax when you can.
I love red geraniums-so pretty!


That sounds like a wonderful idea! You don't have to be Wonder Woman! At least, not all the time (since you already are most of the time!) :) Enjoy these last few moments of a quiet(er) household. And get ready of the all of the endless joy to come! :)

aunt fashionista

Sounds good sis!! Love ya


good plan girlfriend! Thanks for the kind words for me today - I needed them.

Put those feet up and relax while you can - that baby's coming and you will be running at 300 mph then.kiss that list goodbye for now and just be happy if everyone is in clean underwear and has some kind of food to eat.


ah darn. I was just thinking I should facebook you and see how the heck you're feeling -- since I forgot to ask earlier. I think you must slow down. Take it from me. I did. I loved it. I don't think I've picked up speed yet - and my "baby" is now 15 months old. :) he.


Yeah, perhaps you should take things slow for now. Then things will fall into place and all will be well! Yay! -happy dance-

The Prudent Homemaker

You can grow things when it's 115! That is a pretty average tempertature for us for about 3-4 months here; it is 105 here during the day already. It can easily get up to 122.

I have no luck with geraniums here, though, so I hope it doesn't get that hot for you!

Vincas last all summer here in the full sun and don't mind it even getting a little dry; they do fine in pots. They look like impatiens but they're for the sun.

Alicia A.

The geraniums look oh-so-pretty.

Go easy on yourself, lady. OK?


I think the reason we get so miserable at the end is so we are forced to take it easy and rest while we still can.

Let me know if there is anything I can do for you! I am still in my high-energy-feeling-good stage!

Hang in there Momma!

~Love ya~


PS- I bet the red geraniums look pretty and really pop against the new house color!

Dee Dee

I can only imagine the list you have created in your is twice as long as the list you have written down. Make a note to self on that list-- to continue to relax.......and smile. The chaos will organize itself.


keeping it simple sounds great... love your red geraniums!

amy h

Oh, we're already at the cranky-mama stage around here. Congrats to you on holding it off for this long. :) I totally have a list in my head of stuff I want to do before the cranky AND incapacitated stage sets in. It's hard to let go of the list.


Hang in there! I'm sure that 4 months or so from now sounds like an eternity (considering a month till the baby comes and a few months of adjustment)....but it wont be too long till your back at your normal speed.
But uh yea, this is entirely why I don't want to get pregnant again :). day I'll change my mind....


Sounds wise - you know what's important, and its not any of the projects.


Those last few weeks are so HARD! Ugh. I am feeling for you. That 'list' is a hard one to toss away. I hope you get to put your feet up and relax soon. :)


I agree -- slow is so hard when you're used to going full speed. I think the last 3-4 weeks of pregnancy is pure torture. Good luck. ;o)

I agree with the comment about the vinca. They can be hard to find, but they do WONDERFUL in the sun.

UK lass in US

Definitely take it easy. We moved house and I spent the last month of my first pregnancy up a ladder plastering and painting (at least my son waited until the final bit was painted before breaking my water). Now I look back and wonder why on earth I didn't spend that time sleeping. at. every. opportunity. while. I. still. had. the. chance...


oh could not have put it any better. I have been there. I have a 2 yr old, 4 yr old, and 6 yr old. I have to stop and tell myself that if everything does not get's ok. Good luck. Hope you get lots of rest before the new little bundle comes! Blessings,
username guest
password sisemore


Hang in there, girl. Remember how much I was complaining in January and February? And then, quite suddenly, she was here. You can make it!!

mary smith

The last month can be tough. I can't wait to see the photos of your baby!!


I just found your site and am so inspired by your creativity. I look forward to reading you more!


Although I am not expecting a baby, I have had to send my husband to Kuwait for a year, so I know what you mean by slowing down the pace. The funny thing is that I have actually come to enjoy it. Now I have more time for the things I truly love. Don't get me wrong, I still feel frustration, but instead of trying to live on less sleep, I try to get to the core of the problem. Then I fix it. If my house is a mess, I make it my #1 priority. If I need to sew, then I concentrate on that. I find myself actually reading books again. WOW, I think it has been 5 years since I read the last book. LOL. Relax and enjoy. When and wherever you blog, we will still be here admiring your life and your work.


sounds good. hang in there. how is the nasal congestion? hope it is better.
that salad dressing recipe sounds so yum! i am starving now!

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