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her tulle skirt, the new fave

thriftstore refashion :: maternity edition

This is not going to apply to many of you.  Unless you are pregnant.  And are tired of maternity store prices. And you have no fear of cutting into clothes.

Here is one of the two skirts I picked up thrifting last week for $1.50 each:

thrifted skirt refashion

I pulled it on with the zipper open and eyeballed how far down I'd need to cut into it.  And then I took scissors and cut straight down.  Then I zipped it up and stared at the belly protruding from what used to be the waistline of this skirt.

After gathering my wits, I took an air-erasable pen and traced the bottom part of my belly out from either side of the slit.  Then I took it off again and cut along those lines.


I had an old very-stretchy tank top that I cut up to use as the insert.  Turned it upside-down and used the bottom of the tank as new waistband.  I zig-zagged the raw edges on the inside of the skirt and reinforced the seam a couple times.  (Because I do have 11 weeks to go, after all.  This baby ain't done growing.)

it totally worked.

And hey!  It worked.  It totally worked.

new maternity skirt

See?  I totally have to go back and find some more skirts now.  

(Hands-on time, about 15 minutes.  The second skirt was even faster.  It does help have a fairly fitted waistine, so the stretch works for you to hold the whole thing up.)



that is awesome. i will remember this for my next babe. it looks great on you!

Sarah Jackson

You are looking very fabulous. That is such a clever idea.


Aren't you smart?! You amaze me with your sewing skills. And you are looking great!


ingenius, and thriftily so! i will borrow your idea for the next time, if it's okay with you. the skirt looks super cute, btw.


Looks fabulous. Course the model's pretty cute too. I think you could look darling wearing a paper bag.


I am so excited to see your maternity clothes refashion! Do you have any more great ideas?


it's fabulous! what a genius idea!


Genius!!! wish i did this when i was prego. can't beat being fashionable and economical at the same time... LOVE IT!


WOW! That turned out great!
You look fabulous, btw! Love the belly shot! :)


Okay, first off you're probably the cutest pregnant lady, ever.
And WOW! I love this idea. I'm not pregnant, but maybe it almost makes me want to be so I can make this? Haha. Not entirely. But what a brilliant idea! I'm going to look at maternity clothes in a whole new light next time around. Thanks for the great idea! And beautiful pictures.


Gorgeous. And clever. And only 11 weeks to go? Where did that time disappear?


This looks great! I will have to remember this for next time around!


You are just the most adorable pregnant lady! So smart too! :)


Very pretty, Chris. I've bought "the panel" at the store and added it to clothes before. And aren't you a cutie???


So pretty. I love the vintage feel of the skirt.

And it looks perfect on you.



I am so totally jealous and in awe of your talents!! I am due in June and I am soooooo over maternity clothes!! Loving your new skirt!!


Perfect! It looks great on you - I'm sure it will become a spring wardrobe staple!


What?! This is fantastic! I'm always impressed with you, Miss Chris.


Woo hoo!
And thanks for the belly shot. I needed that.:)


I love how these little light bulb moments happen AND they work! You are too clever Missy, and its soooo adorable, love it!


Cute! I am more than likely done growing wee ones in by belly...but I like this idea. You are very much in that cute stage of pregnancy. Congrats!


Genus - plus you look great. I can't wait to meet the new little one.


Georgeous print and good engineering around that belly!


you my dear are a genius. you should consider selling those in an etsy store once things calm down. oh and how cute is your baby belly. VERY!! xoxo


How great is that! I love it! I just wish I could have see you trying that baby on in the store. Were the ladies at the store enjoying the show!? I am still dreaming about a thrifting trip. We have got to set a date. Have a great day! Liz


awesome :)


great look fantastic!


Very cool! I just wish I had the energy for something other than "just getting through the day"....hopefully in a couple more weeks!

It's probably too much to ask to have a little bit of your talent too! ;)


Oh that is just fantastic! I lived in skirts last summer. My favorite was to go to Joann's and get some of the shirred fabric and make skirts with the shirring as the waistline. I love it!

Jesse K.

Aha, perfect! Thank you for posting this, I am definitely going to try it. I hadn't thought about stretchy tshirts being solid enough to hold up a skirt, but I can see how it would work.


That's great! Wish I would've thought of that...I'm all done now. :) You look fantastic by the way!

Jeannine McCloskey

That is adorable. What a great idea.


The skirt is awesome! Makes me wish I had started sewing at least before my last pregnancy, but I'm afraid I may have passed the chance of sewing pregnancy clothes for myself. It looks gorgeous!


Way cool. It looks so cute on you, too!


I wish I had one! The skirt, not the belly..hee.hee. I'm happy with my 3. That skirt is beautiful print. Love it!

mary smith

You look so great and how cute is that skirt that you made!


That's genius - it looks fabulous!

Amber Eilert

so so clever!! and great find on the skirt, you really have to have a good eye in those thrift shops.


I love this so much and have been thinking about making some maternity skirts. Who want's to pay full price at a maternity store and the selection is so limited. Love your blog!


cute cute cute! and easy too!
Thanks for sharing!


cute cute cute and super easy and inexpensive too! Thanks for sharing!


fabulous work!


that is totally fabulous!

Katie Crocker

Fabulous!!! I will definitely do this for my next pregnancy - maternity clothes are ridiculously overpriced (event he inexpensive ones) and I find they just don't even fit. this looks so lovely :)


love this chris! i have to do this!!!

The Prudent Homemaker

I have had this tutorial on my mind for a few months now.

Today I went to the thrift store with this in mind. I bought a skirt to cut into (the skirts there are $3-$5 in general).

I have some old t-shirts of my husbands that are going to get cut up tonight (well, one of them, anyhow) and I'll have a new skirt to wear tomorrow!


i just bought a thrifted skirt hoping to do this and stumbled upon your tutorial. Thanks! yours is adorable.


Needed a skirt and didn't want to pay the outrageous maternity prices. Found your post, found an old skirt and shirt (the one I actually bought to wear with the skirt-neither of which fit after my last pregnancy) and in 20 min. (I'm a newbie sewer) I had a perfect skirt. I'm 26 weeks now and this will def. last me the rest of this pregnancy. THANK YOU!! Now I can't wait to go find some more skirts!

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