Feel good moment + tulips + snot
Pretty blossoms. Twelve Square.

The weekend the crabapple tree came down.


Hubs took on our 20' crab apple tree yesterday with the help of a neighbor and his chainsaw.  Now there are bits of tree stuffed into all these "yard waste" bags at our curb.  Seven huge bags and a rather large pile of tree bits that couldn't fit into the bags.  All of it, still flowering.  I'm a little worried about what the garbage pick up guys are going to think.


It's sad that it had to come down during it's prettiest week of the year.  


The petals fell right outside my front door like confetti. 


Seriously, right outside the front door (I took this photo of my entryway two years ago:)

petal love.

But therein was the problem.  This tree, planted by previous owners nine years ago, was destined to be chopped down eventually.  It wasn't planted in the right place.


Can you see how close it was to the foundation?  About 2 feet on one side.  Sheesh.  It's branches dropped leaves directly into our gutters all season long, creating serious water runoff issues (and even causing hubs on more than one occasion to brave death and stand on a ladder with a golf club during a storm to free the debris).  The trunk was starting to grow at an angle because we had to keep cutting it away from the house.  The branches scraped the upstairs windows and threatened our roof shingles... who knows what the roots were doing underneath...

On the other side, branches hung also directly over the front walk, posing an eye-poking issue to many visitors.  Especially at night.

And then there were the crabapples in the fall.  Those darned things fell all over that front walk, attaching themselves to visitors' shoes and entering my house.  (If they didn't get eaten by birds first and *ahem* redepositedon on front walk in a sticky nasty mess.)  FYI: smeared crabapple does not come off with just a good hosing and a push broom.

crabapple tree. its last year.

(one last look, from last week)

So it's gone.  Strange and sad and a little exciting, as now we get to plant some appropriate landscaping.  I'll be the first to admit that outdoor planning is not my strong suit, but we do have a few ideas.  So far, most of it includes moving some mature boxwoods from the back to their new home up front.  We'll see.  If we can't get the whole stump removed, we may have to be creative.

Up first, though, is a new coat of paint for la casa.  We're switching it up, going with a medium gray (the one in the middle) and a white trim.  Isn't this patchwork paint effect lovely?  We have some on the back of the house as well.  We're so classy that way. 


Sherwin Williams has these little $5 cans you can buy in sample colors.  I highly recommend doing this because you never know what paint will really look like until it is on your house at different times of the day and in different cloud conditions.  And I'd rather spend $20 and be sure I like it before I've got a whole house covered in paint that has a lifetime guarantee.  (One of my friends has a house on her block that looks a little neon green in certain weather.  I'm gonna bet they didn't do the paint swatch experiment.)

And, finally:  The lilacs we planted last spring have buds!! This is their first bloom and it looks like they have 10-12 blooms on each.  Don't they make my AC unit look fancy?  heh.

Happy Monday.  If you've gotten this far, thanks for reading.  xoxo



What gorgeous pictures! I absolutely love pink flower petals! I do understand the reasoning for chopping it down ... our problem is live oaks in the backyard...

Jesse K.

Oh man, I feel your crabtree pain! At our house, we are almost completely hemmed in by overgrown rhododendrons on two sides. I swear I have hacked and hacked away at the branches and it always grows back vigorously, covering a dining room window almost completely and blocking sun in the front of the house as well. Luckily it is a rental house, and I don't feel obligated to totally fix it, but it is so exhausting to have landscaping that grows so out of control. We would have rhodie-blossom mud on our front walk that turned into slick pink mud (did that happen with your crabtree petals?). Anyway, we are moving to our own house soon. Good luck with landscaping your new crabtreeless spot!


Oh, I would be so sad to cut down such a pretty tree. But, gosh. What were they thinking planting it two feet from the foundation?

I can't wait to see what the paint is going to look like. I like grey and white!

amy h

Did you snag a few branches for vases? They're so pretty. But man, that is WAY too close to your house. I like the gray you picked. I've already been looking at really dark gray-greens for our house, but we won't need to paint for a few more years. I shouldn't rush that!


I have the same question as Amy.
We had some rediculous plantings at our house. In fact, in the first few years we lived there we took out 9 trees. And we still have some more that should comeout.
My parents house has always been grey with white trim and it is lovely. Red front door?
My neighbor didn't do the swatch test - her house is somewhere between turquoise and teal. eeeeech!


. . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

Fear not, I did snag some branches for vases! They were a bit droopy after yesterday's drama, but have perked up and and ready for their photoshoot this afternoon. :)

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . .


At first I was like Whhhhhhhyyyyyy! It's so pretty. And then I kept reading and now I'm like Why did it take you so long?! :O) I do love them in bloom but they are a pain in the neck - very pretty in someone else's yard.

Alicia A.

poor widdle crabby apple.

we're getting ready to start some major outdoor home reno too. good luck with the projects!


Chris, I haven't been by in a while. Just not as much computer time lately. ;) But, anyway, I want to leave comments on about your last 10 posts about how awesome they and you and your photos and projects are ... but I have a crying little Cupcake over here, so I'm just going to say: crabapple pictures, beautiful and bittersweet, tulips = my fave (pink tulips = even better!), Easter dress amazing, tulle skirt awesome and I must make that soon, maternity skirt something I wanted to try during my last pregnancy (thought about the same method that you actually used) but never got to it so therefore you are brilliant (beautiful belly and photos in that one), records = so awesome!, pillowcase-ish skirts = drool, Fidget's room = even more drool, and I think I'm caught up now. Lots of x's and o's to you and your cute family.


Oh what a gorgeous tree. But so wrong to plant it that close to the house. Glad your man knows how to take care of that stuff!

City Farm Girl (Jenn)

Beautiful photos. We have the same tree... beautiful and messy. Attracts critters too. I love the bit about the paint samples. We're trying to decide on ours, but I'm still in the middle of the "drive by and drool at your colors" phase through the neighborhood. The grey is perfect!


Pretty photos (: All the best with the outdoor decorating! It should be fun!


Oh, my girls would just have a field day with all those pink confetti petals!


I know we already talked about this post yesterday. Just getting by to read it. I love the color you picked for the house. Yay! I'm excited for your upcoming outdoor projects. Let me know if you come up with any tips on landscape. I have mine halfway done..in my head. Gotta finalize it in the next 2 weeks. Eeek!


Sorry about your tree but sounds like it had to go. I like the color choice for your house, it will look great with green plants up next to it. Wish my lilacs were doing as well, I have buds but no leaves. I was told to put bone meal down, we'll see if that helps.


Its so sad to removed and erase that beautiful crabapple near in your gutter. Unfortunately you will not see the beauty of that tree again. Its so sad :((

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