Pretty blossoms. Twelve Square.
hodge podge monday. with flowers.

so wonderful I didn't even mind.


So by now you know I am an avid thrifter, and have been for a loooong time.  Despite this, I have never found one chenille bedspread anywhere but at an antique mall with a super markup.  Today I found TWO, one pink and one white  with a floral weave, as well as a pure white hand-quilted coverlet... At thrift store prices.  In perfect condition.  I'm not even sure where they are going to go yet, or if I'll even keep them for myself, but they had to come home with me.  I'm sure you understand.

I was so happy that I didn't even mind this little exchange while checking out at my favorite haunt:

Sweet Kind Lady I have seen a hundred times: When are you due, anyway?

Me:  June.  I have 8 weeks.

SKL: (after glancing at my out-there belly) Oh, are you having twins

Me:  Um, no...

Good times.  I'm still laughing.  (That poor gal is probably still mortified.)


amy h

I can't believe you found that much white stuff that was in good shape! I love the pink/white.


i just went out today hoping for one of those! what finds! and you're right, questions on the baby bump...whatev!

The 6 O'Clock Stitch

How beautiful. What a find!


Gorgeous! Hey, This week at my favorite thrift store I got a pillowcase to match the rose pattern on that sheet, but my pillowcase has purple roses (I got another one in pink but it's not the same exact pattern).


oh, puh-lease! she obviously failed to notice that you are otherwise a stick.
And you sdid score. Bravo.


Okay, you will appreciate this one...when I was growing up I had a chenille bed spread that was white with flowers on it in really pretty colors. When I was an adult it was on the bed at my parents beach place for years and years and years. A few years ago they sold their house and the beach place and bought a condominium right down the road from me and they were getting rid of a lot of stuff. So I called my mom - can I have my old chenille spread? - ahhh, I gave that to Goodwill - I didn't think you would want that old thing.

This is the same woman who was angry at HER mother who through away her 1922 wedding dress because "noone would want that old thing." mmmmm. I wonder what fabulous thing is in my future to throw away before Molly or Kellie can ask for it.


sheesh my spelling! I should have looked at it before I hit post huh? LOL

pretty momma

you were soooo right, AMAZING finds!! wish i had gotten there first ha ha!


Those are AWESOME! What a Fabulous find!
And great conversation. I had a coworker ask me the same thing last time I was pregnant. He was a man and kind of an idiot, so I gave him the benefit of the doubt.

Enjoy your blankets!


Gorgeous finds. I would love a chenille bedspread!

I'm a big(ger) gal and have big babies. During all of my pregnancies I always had people ask if it was twins. People say the stupidest things...


What an amazing score. The hunt is 90% of the fun of thrifting. You've definitely hit the motherload. I'm jealous!

Good thing you can laugh at people's silly questions!


I love them! I am getting the daughter's room ready to receive guests (my grandparents) on alternating weekends. That means a queen bed and armoire to go in our 40's style home... I will be looking for just those kinds of lovelies to go on the bed. Kind of a welcome home, don't you think?


You lucky dog!


You inspired me to buy the 2711 pattern but I'm afraid I'm going to ruin it...I'll just look at the picture a few more days until I get enough nerve.

I can't wait to see what you come up with for your thrift store finds, whatever it is it will be beautiful!

As far as baby goes, I'd love to do your birth announcements....check out my site and let me know if you're interested. ;)


Apparently you and I are on the same thrifty wavelength today. You got some great finds. Love that!!


What a treasure!!!! Love them all!

Lucky Girl, Stay Cozy, Carrie


What IS it about the pregnant belly that makes people suddenly think it's OK to spout off the most odd questions-- or to begin groping said belly without warning?! Sounds like you handled it well, and you found some great thrift gems to boot. Congrats! : )

aunt fashionista

Well, why wouldn't she ask if you were having twins...I mean come on sis, you ARE huge you know. Haha!!! I am so funny! That is a joke everyone. I am not a mean sister, I promise! ;)


Oh my goodness! I have a thing for chenille blankets. I pick them up whenever I see them. I once picked up two double bed sized ones that were turquoise and white. They are starting to fall apart now so I'm going to make something else with them. Have fun with all your new acquisitions.


I can NEVER find chenille bedspreads out thrifting. The only ones I find are $30+ at antique malls. Lucky you. Two in one trip. That's gotta be some kind of thrifting record!

I'm sure you are not that huge. Some people are clueless. I think you are a tiny woman with a baby belly. That throws off a lot of people.


Beautiful finds!


Wow, what a find! You know that I'm super jealous ;-)


Love the bedspreads. I know you. They will go to good use. I can't wait to see what you have planned. Pat that tummy for me! Love to all. Liz

UK lass in US

Nice find.

I used to wonder if it would be different being pregnant in England. I was taken by surprise by strangers grabbing my belly and asking all sorts of weird questions over here. I had one old guy come up and ask if I was married...


What a great bundle of goodies you got to bring home! I love the pillowcases...are they being made into dresses?

I dreaded going out when I was pregnant with my boys, wondering what people were going to say! I had big babies!By the time I was about 8 months with #3 I stopped going anywhere not necessary. :) Glad you were able to laugh it off!


Congrats on the bedspreads. I love chenille. And you know what, pregnant bellies always look bigger on a slender frame, so there you go, it was a compliment :)) Wow, I can't believe you only have 8 weeks left.


Lucky lucky lucky!

Cate O'Malley

My neighbor keeps getting asked if she's due now too - she's not due until the end of July. It makes her really mad. So I make her cookies, and all is better. :) Love the chenille!


Hey... first of all at least you're still pregnant when someone asked you when you were due... AWKWARD.
Secondly, would you give us amateur seamstresses a lesson in how to quilt? I would love to learn. I know how to sew. But haven't a clue how to get started. Thanks! Love the pictures!


oh, i love all the flowers. those lilacs are to die for. i can't believe you got blooms after only a year. you lucky dog.
great thrifting finds too!


Beautiful finds. I just had to comment to SKL. In my old age wisdom, I can confidently say that she either a) is having baby envy; b)having chenille bs envy; or c) having time off from work envy. Agree? LOL. You are so talented. I read your blog from time to time but have never commented. Keep on sharing your happy stuff. I love it. No envy here.

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