The weekend the crabapple tree came down.
so wonderful I didn't even mind.

Pretty blossoms. Twelve Square.

I've been enjoying crab apple tree blooms in my kitchen this week.  They really are pretty, although they're not going to last very long.  The pink confetti has already started to drop onto my table... *sniff*

sunshine and flowers at breakfast. I'll take it.

what's left of the crabapple tree.

Fidget wanted some in a little vase, just for her.  How could I resist? 

teeny tiny. fidge insisted.

I promise, from here on out, no more talk or photos of crab apple blossoms!  Pinky swear.   Thanks for indulging me, though.  You're so sweet.  xo


So.... I wrapped up another block for Tracy's March Twelve Square quilt last week.  Tracy wanted 'mostly gray with pops of color and texture.'  I am sodigging her choices here, and all of the blocks that have been submitted thus far.  It's so fresh and modern... I cannot wait to see how she puts these all together.  It will be so beautiful.

March Block for Tracy :: TwelveSquare

(more photos from others at the flickr group). 

She's killing me with the new yellow blocks she's been working on.  Seriously.  This one?  Love.

for Tracy:: full view of square. partially out of focus.

I got some sewing done this weekend -- the 'Servant Girl' tunic from Sugar City... It pains me to say I don't love the results.  It's about 85% done and I think it's the fabric that just isn't working for me.  Or maybe the darts that seem random and haphazard.  Or the bias tape around the neckline that is not behaving.... I just left it at my machine on Saturday and haven't yet returned!

But that's ok.  I've been eyeing the elastic thread I bought last summer and think I might give that a try.... stay tuned. 

Oh!  And the painters might be done today!  It's looking so different around here.  (Especially with every window covered in plastic sheeting -- it's killing me to not open the windows and enjoy the super weather we are having this week.)  This morning I panicked a little and thought the house looked too blue, but I think at this point I'm just getting paranoid and hypersensitive to things.  That didn't keep me from emailing hubs at work and sharing my fear.  He's not, as you might expect, worried at all.

What, you say I'm pregnant?  And that might have something to do with all this indecision?  Quite possibly.  I'm almost certain that is the case.  At any rate, things are happening around here.  I'm just trying to keep up.




Those blossoms are really gorgeous!

That's a bummer that the dress isn't working... did you try steaming the neck bias tape? I often have to steam neck bias bindings into submission with lots of pressing and tons of steam before they'll work nicely. :-(


Hey dear! I like the square. Sorry...I don't have any tips for you on the dress. ha! But, I know you will find a way to make it look always do.

As for the house, I remember having a couple panics when we had ours painted. I remember at first thinking it was going to be too green and then when they finished I thought it looked lighter than the stripe I painted. In the end it worked out. I'm sure you will love it!


Love the squares. I swear the next thing I sew will have pintucks, and it will be all thanks to you (Fidge's dress and now this)!

Keep posting crabapple pics. You won't bore me!


Go sit on the front porch and enjoy the weather for a bit. I didn't want to come back to work this afternoon. A bit of fresh air and sunshine may give you some new insight. Or a few freckles. :)


I love your block! I really like the pintucks!


so many things to comment on...
I'm still in love with those blossoms. Glad you're savoring them till the bitter end.
That square is AWESOME. I love the style and simplicity too.
Sorry you can't open your windows. A nice breeze is wonderful.
And....elastic thread....that's been on my mind all week too! I'm picturing some faux smocking going on? Some girl's summer dresses maybe?....


So cool. Love the color choices-- I think I'm going to make my little boy a quilt using those colors!! Nice work.


i can't wait to see all the blue. i bet once you have your curtains back up, stuff on the walls etc. it will be okay.
love your block, and those blossoms. jealous.


I find that when something is not working for me, I am not meant to finish it. So I put aside and maybe, if the gods are happy, I will pick it up again. Maybe not. No sense is beating yourself up.
The crabapple blossoms are wonderful and I am sure fragrant.


I didn't realize we both posted about Tracy's square on the same day. Yours is great! So classy. :)

Pretty flowers and container too. There was a crab apple tree next to my childhood home, so that's quite sentimental to me.

UK lass in US

I love that block. That grey floral fabric is so pretty, too.


I'm in awe of your blossoms - I've still just got buds in these parts.

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